Saturday, March 14, 2009


So I woke up this morning about 4 just thinking .... it's a common problem for me. But all of my thoughts have been about my Young Women and my stewardship over them. And led me along these lines that I have decided to share as some of the people I have been thinking about I know will read this and I want them to know how grateful I have been for them.
I always grew up in a home where I knew religion was important, where I was taught to love God and to know that I am one of his special children just as everybody is! As I got to the age to become a Young Woman in our church our family changed. My parents divorced, and my mom remarried. She still went to church as often as possible but the circumstances did not always allow her to go. I have been thinking a lot this morning of the people who have been there since to make sure that I was always at church and my Young Women's meetings and activities. I know it was hard for my mom but I am also grateful that she allowed me to go with my friends families to church. For the first year there were 2 families that did this. Keli Cameron was my best friend at that time and lived only 2 houses away from us. It was funny that we were such great friends after I moved there because we spent our whole elementary school years not liking each other at all! I often went with Keli's family and I am so grateful to her and her parents for helping me to be there. My other really good friend Liz Ficklin lived kiddie-corner from me and her family was also always willing to let me go with them also. They also made sure that I had a ride and was always welcome to go with them to every fireside there was. Both of these families treated me as if I were one of their own and I felt loved every time I was at there homes.
Part way through my 8th grade year we moved to American Fork, which was the last place I thought I wanted to live. I didn't want to leave my friends or go to their "horrible" school! I'm quite sure I made it very clear to my mom and can admit that it was probably hell for her in the way I behaved through that move. My first day there however wasn't nearly as bad as I expected and as I got on the bus to go home I was invited by a girl to sit by her. Her name is Andrea Ault who quickly became my best friend through the rest of my school years as well as I became a member of her family almost as quickly. We lived in different wards however, even though we were just a few blocks apart. My ward only had a few young women and I didn't feel comfortable going alone there. Andrea's family quickly made me feel welcome to go to their ward and I once again was able to attend Young Women's with my best friend. I through special permission was able to play sports with their ward and go to YW Camp each summer. They even took it further and also had me to a lot of their family functions as well and when my family moved away a few months before graduation they once again opened their doors and allowed me to live at their home. That was like a permanent sleep over party!!!
As I have thought about all of this I realize how grateful I am to each of them even now. I'm sure I didn't express enough gratitude then as it was probably more "fun" to me than a learning experience, but it has still helped shape the person I am now. It has also made me realize that no matter who we are, or what our circumstances are, that we should always be willing to reach out to others. I know sometimes our kids friends' can be annoying, and even a bit disrespectful, but they should always feel like the door is open in our homes to them. We may be the only people that can offer them something they may not receive anywhere else. I don't remember the exact quote from President Hinkley, but he has said open your doors and your hearts and feed them until they are no longer hungry!!! I have always been blessed by my friends and their families because their homes were always opened to me.
To the Cameron's, the Ficklin's, and the Ault's, I say THANK YOU!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


So can we all admit that we have them? We all have a little guilty pleasure here and there ... mine has become school! I love, love, love, school. Well love might be a little strong, but I really do enjoy it. It's my time out and I'm learning things that I really enjoy and even getting better at it which is great. I did Ky's second set of nails this past weekend and they look great! I'm not so big on all of the art stuff 'cause I really think it's kind of corny but that's just me. I've learned the acrylics, gels, toes, mani's, pedi's, and art. And then we even get a personal service day each month and yesterday I got eyelash extensions, and they are lots of fun. It's kind of become my new therapy, so that's why I haven't been so great at blogging lately. This is where my "guilt" comes in. Not for the blogging, just the part that I am away from my family and while I am away I enjoy what I am doing. I miss the kids like crazy, but I am almost half way through now. I am glad that it is only 300 hours, I'm not sure I could do much more than that. It breaks my heart in the morning when Ciara calls for dad now instead of mom. I can't hardly wait to hear "MOM" in the mornings again!
P.S. Kris, I am still working on pics ... maybe on Friday, just not sure which Friday that will be! LOL