Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today we had Hyatt over to our house while his momma was working, and I enjoyed it so much! It made the morning so nice. He and Ciara just played and played and I was able to get so much done with very little interruptions, like getting all the wood floors clean in the front room and kitchen, and the kitchen sink, laundry, and a good cleaning for the stove top. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I cleaned the floors on a day that it was snowing and raining but nonetheless it was nice being able to do it!!! (yes I do get excited about cleaning floors)
After lunch the kids went down to the basement and came back with this little basket which Ciara quickly filled with her little silverware, dishes, and a frog, and an umbrella. While she was getting these Hyatt grabbed his blanket and started laying it out and put the basket on the blanket. It looked like they were having a picnic so I grabbed them some snacks to put in the basket also.

Then they needed the umbrella ....

Seriously cute!!!

After snacks and Ciara pouring water on Hyatt they needed to play games.
I guess if you are 3 Connect Four is a lot more fun if you put the pieces in a paint roller, which they brought up from the basement also.
It was a lot of fun, they laughed almost the whole time!

Checking out the snow falling outside. Yep, that window is open thanks to the incredibly warm fire in the stove.

And after all of this fun they grabbed some pillows, their blankets, and took a nap under the umbrella.

If only they would've really slept. :)

All of this definitely had the makings of a date ... meal, playing, and then rest!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Ciara has really gotten into dressing up lately and she loves to pretend that she is a prince (princess). Her favorite thing to dress up in right now is the Easter dress I made her. This morning she came out with the dress and wanted it on over her p.j.'s. Here is what we have ....

I'll have a little sass with this dress please!

It makes me sad looking at these and seeing how much she is growing lately :(

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Ciara has decided to start playing beauty shop
lately on her own.
Here is what she has done ...

Can you see where this chunk came from?

Oh ... so pretty!

Monday, April 12, 2010


I love spring break ... I even love that the kids were out of school for a whole week! I was as ready for a break from school as the kids were. It's nice to be able to not feel rushed in the mornings or having to worry about getting kids (really just Dal) ready on time! I didn't get to sleep in much because Ciara still would wake up pretty dang early, even after sneaking some Benadryl one night. Yes ... she got the lid off of the bottle while I was packing for our vacation and I'm not sure how much actually got into her mouth but it must not have been too much. It looked as though most of it hit the floor, thankfully! I never cared to much for the flavor of Benadryl, Dimetapp was more my choice!!!

We decided to take a little vacation with some friends for spring break since we had not been on one for so long. It's been over a year and I can't even remember how long it's been since we've been on a fun trip! We knew we wanted some sunshine but didn't want to go too far; so we decided on southern Utah and found exactly what we wanted and needed!
And apparently you can't move pictures around on blogger right now so these are way out of order. And since it is being so fickle I am not going to fight adding anymore of them, but here are some of our pics of our little trip!
While we were there we also celebrated our 5 year anniversary! Happy 5th babe :)

We drove through Kolob National Park on the way home and decided that we will definitely need to go back to hike some of the trails there. The mountains are absolutely stunning!

Falls from the middle pools to the lower pools.

St. George Temple

We visited the Brigham Young home also, but I didn't take any pics.

We stopped at Cove Fort on our way down, it was very windy there but we had a good time going through the fort and learning about it!

This was our guide ... here he is showing the kids an old pioneer game and teaching the kids about eternal families. The kids got to keep the little toy and it kept them entertained through the rest of the drive down.

Inside Zion National Park at the upper Emerald Pools. The name upper made me think it would be at the top of the mountain, it was the upper pool of three different ones but still not near the top of the mountain.

This is the water running from the middle pool to the lower pool.

This is a fun little park in St. George. There are lots of the slick rocks to climb around on. More than once however we had to yell at Ciara to not run as she would take off to the edge not knowing that it was a cliff she was about to run off of. The girl has NO fear!!! She sure scares her mom though ;)

The Three Patriarchs in ZNP