Sunday, April 17, 2011


Today was our final day of spring break. It's kind of sad, I will really miss having the kids around. I did work several days during the break, but the kids were able to still have some fun. We of course started it in Colorado. Then we came home to cold, not so fun weather. It began to warm a little and so we did spend some time outside. I got a little yard work done in between rain storms. Dallin tried getting his bike fixed so he could ride it; he also had a scout camp out at Topaz mountain. He was very excited about all the topaz that he brought home, none of it was the $1000 pieces they were hoping for but he is pretty proud of his stash. Kylie was out with friends quite a bit, which included some late nights. I personally will not miss those. Ciara was Ciara ... and she was invited to her first birthday party! She got to go to our next door neighbors party yesterday and had lots of fun. The kids and I went and saw Rio; it was cute, not the best, but cute. The kids really enjoyed it though ... all of them. I forgot the camera for every single thing that we did so that explains the lack of photos! :)

This weekend was Stake Conference. Something that stood out for me was this simple quote. "To experience the fullness of joy, one must have trials and endure them righteously." It really has me thinking. I have always excepted my trials, not necessarily enjoyed them, but I know when they happen I need to endure and learn. This has me thinking of them differently though; perhaps I need to change my attitude as well, because I could really go for some "fullness of joy." This may take some practice because right now I just want to lock all of the doors and never come out. Thankfully I have a million reasons to not do that and I remember them every morning as soon as I wake up. I know that Heavenly Father is mindful of us right now. I just also know that my attitude is making it very difficult to feel any joy or happiness at the present time. So maybe I will be posting this quote on a mirror or two to help remind me .... righteously which includes my attitude!!!

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