Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Ciara is keeping me on my toes lately ... well maybe a little more than normal! Last Friday she wanted to help me while I was doing yard work and so I let her help cut weeds that were growing through the fence. She was doing a really good job too, she was bringing me weeds that she had cut and I thought she was doing great! Then a few minutes later she comes to me and tells me to look at her beautiful hair! I had been thinking about cutting her hair because it is so fine and tangles so easily, but never, ever, ever would I have had it cut into a mullett! haha I was very calm and told her that we would now have to cut it short and her reply was, "I don't want to look like a boy." Oh my goodness! I just want to laugh every time I see this pic because this is almost a perfect 80's mullett sweety! :)

Needless to say I did give her a cut and did the best we could at blending it all in and now she has bangs to hide what was way too short to blend; and she is still pretty dang cute!!! Every day she does let me know that her hair is growing.

Then Sunday evening rolled around and she fell off the trampoline. Her arm was a little swollen and it hurt, but with an ice pack the swelling went down and tylenol seemed to help the pain. She could bend her arm and move it around as well as her hand and fingers. I thought that she would probably be okay, until later that night while we were trying to sleep. She would wake up every couple of hours and would say that her arm was hurting. I took her into the Dr. and he said that it could possibly be broken in her elbow since that is where the pain was located and that they are hard breaks to find, so we headed to radiology for x-rays. Sure enough she has a broken arm, just above her elbow joint, but so far we lucked out and I feel very blessed that she doesn't have to have surgery ... as long as she doesn't hurt it more, and so we are being very careful with it. They will put a hard cast on it next week and then she will spend the next 4-6 weeks casted up. Just in time for summer :(

She is quickly adapting to the changes and has learned how to use her one free hand and mouth to work together to take the cap off of her push pop so she can eat it. It's fun watching her try to figure things out, and it can be quite amazing. She hasn't let it stop her or slow her down. I am glad the weather is gloomy right now because I can easily keep her in the house and off of the tramp, swings, bike, and scooter!

We went to Ky's dance concert Friday night and once again I really enjoyed all of the talent those kids offer. The concert was a lot of fun. I wasn't paying attention to my settings for recording Ky's dance and I am pretty bumbed about it, but if you look really close, she starts out in the back and quickly comes to the front corner. And by looking really close ... I mean you probably better grab the magnifying glass! :)

3 Say Something:

Andrea said...

INSIST ON A WATERPROOF CAST! It will SAVE you this Summer. Good Luck!

Becki said...

Thanks for the tip Andrea ... I had no idea they even existed. :)

KrisJ said...

Oh what a naughty little noodle! I cant believe how cute her hair turned out after her chop job! You got mad skilz girl!
I sure hope she takes it easy and doesnt mess that poor little arm up worse! Gotta love that little stinker!