Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What Every Mom Needs....

Two weeks ago, my loving husband sent me on a trip to Colorado by myself to go visit my sister and to see our new niece, Malia. A fabulous girl weekend was what I got!!! Apparently it must have worked well too, since I haven't updated the blog since then. I had a great time getting pedicures, going shopping, going to dinner, and even playing a little Wii. Kris was intent on getting me hooked and it worked pretty good. Guitar Hero was a lot of fun, the only person I could beat was Maddie, but I give her 5 stars for effort. I think I won a game of bowling and I sucked at Tennis. I'm pretty sure I've always sucked at Tennis though!!! On top of all this fun I got to play with our precious, little Malia. She is such a great baby and an absolute doll! And every good aunt has to teach her nieces and nephews some kind of good trick, so I taught her to wink. Okay, so she is probably a natural at it, but I like to claim that I did it!!!

I am pleased to say not only are my kids the cutest in the world, but I have a bunch of really cute nieces and nephews too!!! So thanks to Randy for sending me and to Kris for letting me come....oh and to Rich for letting me harass him. He's a good sport!!!
Randy and the kids survived their weekend very well too. I think the kids like it better when I'm gone, it seems that Dad is more fun than Mom!!!

So since I've been home I've been busy, busy, busy! It's all good busy though. I am doing a craft show next week after Thanksgiving in Spanish Fork.

So naturally I've been busy making my bows and magnets for it. Plus I had some large orders for the bows too. I thought I was never going to get stuff done for the show, but it's starting to come together! So please stop in and say "Hi" if you are in SF next weekend. Ruth is doing this show with me and will have her oatmeal/goats milk soaps there, that are great! She even did a batch of Cherry Almond that is fabulous. I'm excited to be there and even more excited to be done. Then we will be up in Draper in December doing the Spotted Zebra Boutique. I'll have more info on that one later.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I got the

This is Dallin's pinewood derby 2 1/2 years ago. It was his first and not the best one for him. He received the "Most Original" award if that tells you anything. He did have fun though!!!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well Halloween really snuck up on me this year. I didn't feel prepared at all for it. This is the one thing that our town does well though. They have a town trunk or treat and everybody goes to it. Even the old people come and pull out their lawn chairs and hand out candy. It is nice, cause then there aren't trick or treaters at our house all night. Ciara didn't really know what to think. She thought the candy was great, especially the suckers. She wanted to hold those in her hands and not in the bucket. A lot of the costumes made her nervous though, so dad had to carry her most of the way. Dallin trick or treated with us while Ky stayed at the car and handed out candy. She had a Halloween party to go to afterwards and had a lot of fun. It sure is nice when the weather isn't cold on halloween and the kids don't have to wear coats.

The kids have decided that they would really like to start hunting and so we are getting them signed up for hunters safety. So Saturday we took them out shooting. They had a lot of fun and didn't do to bad. (They get that from their MOM!!!) Ky has a hard time closing one eye though, we had no idea that she could not wink! Kind of funny! Dallin was really excited about shooting his squirrel target (paper) right in the center. And even Ky got the center of her rabbit! And Ciara used this time to be the drama mama queen that she is!!! The kids had been shooting for quite some time when she decided that every time a shot went off that she needed to milk it for all it was worth to her daddy and would pretend that it was scaring her. It was quite cute and really funny!!!