Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Last night Randy had his first trip to the emergency room for one of his kiddos and Ciara got her first trip to the emergency room ever ... and they BOTH survived!!!
Yesterday afternoon Ciara was outside playing with the neighbor boy in our back yard. We had checked on them several times and I had been in the house for a few minutes when we heard Ciara scream. We ran out to find her on the other side of the fence and the neighbor boy running away, he usually runs when she cries. Her hand was all bloody and she was just screaming. We brought her in the house and tried to clean it up and stop the bleeding we had assumed that she had cut herself on the fence, not really thinking about the fact that there are no sharp edges on the fence. We could see that her thumb was cut and a chunk of skin was gone at the bottom of the nail and the nail was bruised underneath. It stopped bleeding and we put some band-aids on it. She cried a lot that it hurt, but we thought it would be okay. When we went to change the band-aids before bed we found that it was still bleeding, so we knew that we had to take her in.
So after 4 lovely hours in the E.R. this is what we have ....
Not a cut, but some trauma to the thumb. The Dr. said that it got squashed by something pretty good. The whole nail came off and he stitched it back on, but once it was off and he was able to clean it up he could see the gash went all the way to her bone. So she has inside dissolvable stitches, outside stitches, and a splint around her thumb and her arm ( so she can't tear it off).

This is her telling me it is scratched!

And finally late this afternoon she crashed. We didn't get home until about 1:30 this morning and she only slept until 6 so she crashed pretty hard! She isn't trying to pull it off anymore and thinks that the wrap is soft, here's hoping that when it comes time to take it off, she will let them take it off!!!