Thursday, July 31, 2008


Thanks Stacey! This was fun, now everybody else is tagged so get to it!!!

A-Z This is me...

A - age - 32, but really I quit counting at 25
B - birthday - February 25, Do the math!!!
C - candy or cake - Depends on the candy and cake...German Chocolate or skittles, I'll go for the GC.
D - Dessert you love - CHOCOLATE, The milk chocolate kind.
E - easiest person to talk to - Kristinee weenee ... Don't kill me!
F - favorite song - ummm...anything that makes me boogy!
G - gold or silver - Silver, silver, silver
H - habit - Brush my teeth first thing in the morning (You didn't really think I would embarrass myself with a bad habit did you?)
I - instruments I play - Flute & piano (self-taught on both...mostly)
J - job title - Domestic Engineer, wife, laundry girl, cook, maid, babysitter, I come to all of those names!
K - kids - Ky, Dal, Ciara, & Aspyn (refer to previous posts to find out how wonderful they each are, and by the way...can't wait for school to start!)
L - love or lust - All You need is love, love. Love is all you need! (I hope that tune is stuck in your head now like it is mine)
M- married or single - Married, married, married
N - next to you - Usually Ciara
O - one wish - That my fair godmother would get off her life-long vacation all ready
P - person you called last - Kristine
Q - quotes - There are starving children in China! (My Parents) Seriously, I still didn't eat my brussel sprouts so I don't expect that to work on my kids.
R - reasons to smile - If you spend enough time with me you will have plenty of reasons to smile or laugh too! Just ask my kids, they think I'm so weird, but at least we can all laugh at me!
S - steak or pork - Steak! Just ask Ky what she wants for dinner. She better marry a cattle man.
T - turns you on - Randy with a clean shaved face, not head! (hint, hint!) And on the side maybe Edward too!
U - unique talent - Everything I do is unique, again ask the kids. I'll have to get back to this one later!
V - vegetable - fried zucchini, fresh garden tomatoes, make that any fresh veggie from the garden!!!
W - woke up at what time - About 7. It usually depends on Ciara. I try to sleep a little later when she does. I'm not always so lucky though.
X - x-rays I've had - Teeth, other than that I'm not really sure. I don't remember any. Except maybe once when I swallowed a nickle, but I'm not real clear on that memory.
Y - your favorite color - Right now it might be a light turquoise, or bold pink colors. Depends on my mood.
Z - zodiac - Pisces baby!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What Did We Do Before Computers?

Does anybody even remember how we managed without them? What fun would that be if we had to go back to that? We would have to start mailing out letters again instead of blogging!! My computer crashed this week; yes my brand new computer that is only 4 months old! It makes me crazy to have these problems with a brand new product. It of course is under warranty so naturally that means mail the computer to Texas and let them fix it and mail it back. So I am without computer for a couple weeks. (aaaaaghhh) I really like to be able to check my emails, and business news throughout the day. Plus that's usually how Randy and I communicate when he is working. Needless to say until my computer comes back I won't have any pics on the blog. I am using Randy's laptop when he is home and don't really want to install the software on this. So you may be stuck with just the posts!

I am really excited though for school to start again! Probably more excited than the kids and no not just cause I'm sick of them fighting and complaining that it's too hot! The kids have been in charter schools almost all of their schooling years but last year I had to pull them out because it seemed that it would be a lot of effort trying to get them to school with 2 babies in tow and they aren't just down the road. Well I got the best news a couple weeks ago that 2 of the charter schools were going to begin busing and we happened to be one of the "lucky" towns that gets to have the busing. Mostly cause one of the drivers lives around the corner from us. I immediately jumped on that band wagon and got the kids enrolled. I was even more excited when I got to see the schools programs they are offering for the kids. They have several different programs to join but Ky will be in the fine arts program which will include orchestra (of course), dance, private violin lessons, drama lessons, and other classes along those lines. Dallin will be in the business/sports program. That means that he will be taught his core classes with a business emphasis but will also be involved in sports through the school all year long! All of the practices are during school and most of the games will be also. They are trying it that way to try and keep kids from being soo busy with extracurricular after school that they don't have time for homework and family time. Seriously, I should of thought of that a long time ago. I'm glad somebody did. I'm sure this can be a great experience for them and also have a little fun at school too! I've always been so happy with the charter schools curriculums anyway, my kids really learn a lot more there than at the traditional public schools. Don't even get me started on last year! (YIKES!!!) Needless to say I could give you at least a dozen reasons why the kids should be in charter schools!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just Some Good Family Fun!

It is so awesome when the family can get along and be entertained so well with something so simple!!! These moments are so much fun and greatly treasured I just love to share them with everyone. I was quite surprised that the trampoline could bring such unity even with the bumps and bruises that happen along the way! Even Ciara gets quite a kick out of the trampoline. Not that I should be surprised she likes jumping on everything else!

Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Official...She is a TEENAGER!!!

What to do...she has been a teenager in her mind for quite some time, but now she is official (as of last night about 6:18)! Ky turned 13 yesterday. In some ways she does seem a little older, but I think that comes as being the oldest! We started the day about 5 am. Randy has to leave for work early and who wants to wait all day to open presents? She received quite a bit of new clothes, a new phone for her bedroom and of course some jewelry and make-up. After Randy left I think we all went back to bed.
Aunt Kris called to wish her a Happy B-day and the power went out while they were talking. Turns out some animal got into the lines and our power was out for just over 4 hours! Thankfully it wasn't a hundred degree day! We went swimming only to sit most of the time on the side because somebody left a muffin on the edge of the pool, which to the swimming pool employees looked like something else. So the swimming part was not so much fun, but we will have to try again!!! We went from the pool to meet Randy at Cold-Stone for some birthday ice-cream. We all had some yummy ice-cream and Ciara made a big, sticky, mess of course! Then to finish off her day she hung out with some friends roasting marshmallows and playing night games.
I am so glad that Kylie is my daughter. She impresses me all of the time with her maturity. She has helped boost me up when I've needed it and is a big helper with Ciara. Kylie was the sweetest, calmest baby and made the motherhood transition so easy. She was just called as her Beehive class president and I know that she will set a great example for her peers. She is very talented, she plays the violin and likes to write stories. I remember when she was in 2nd grade and she wanted to read me a story she wrote. It was a "re-make" of Snow White. I don't remember the whole thing but I remember thinking you wrote that? It was a hilarious version, I laughed at it so much. She has since written many short stories and even plays. She has a very creative mind. Kylie also has a tender heart and even though she and Dallin can fight like cats & dogs she is also very concerned for him and looks out for him and will help him when he needs it! We are so blessed to have Kylie in our family and wouldn't trade her for the world. (So, you don't have to ask.)
Happy Birthday Bug!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

To the Woods

Monday night we decided to head up the canyon for a BBQ picnic. We used to do this all of the time when we lived close to Provo Canyon and it was always a lot of fun. Plus who doesn't want to get out of the heat? I really enjoy not having to cook in the kitchen in the summer! Thanks to Randy we often eat off of the grill, and it is always better than kitchen food! We headed up Santaquin Canyon which is a pretty canyon. There is a lot of foliage and a small river and a VERY narrow road. More narrow than AF canyon has ever been. Most of the road is broken and has a lot of falling rock. We had a good laugh because at one point there is a sign that says "one lane over bridge" and we thought the whole road has been one lane why bother with a sign here? LOL We found a place that was very shady with a fire pit and got to cooking the burgers.

Kylie just got home from girls camp last Friday so she sat there listening to the tunes on her MP3 cause she had enough outdoors last week!!! Dallin was busy finding wood for the fire and rolling rocks down the mountain and Ciara.... well she just couldn't sit still or even stay in an area for longer than 30 seconds. She wanted to run down the road and up the mountain and it was all great fun. Every time she fell she got dirtier and dirtier. And we are talking BLACK dirty, cause the dirt was black. She thought it was great fun! I took her for a little walk and a caterpillar ran out right in front of her and she started laughing and chased it until she caught it. It was a really fuzzy caterpillar and it probably tickled her hand cause she even tried putting it up against her nose to tickle it! We had to throw it into some bushes so the poor thing wouldn't get squished to death! We had a really great dinner but I'm not so sure I'm ready to take Ciara camping anytime soon now that she is so mobile and fears nothing!

It is hard to see, but she is holding her little caterpillar here.

Is this the face of trouble or what?!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Home, Home, At Last!

Finally, Randy is home! I couldn't believe how much he changed too! I don't see him for 3 weeks and I couldn't believe how much he has changed . . .

Just Kidding! LOL When I was looking at his pics though this was the first one on the camera! This is Teo. (well his back anyway), he is one of the locals that Randy worked with while he was there. He is Randy's age and is from Singapore. He was really nice and showed Randy & Bill around. He even got Randy to eat pig intestine! I know . . . GROSS! Randy says that it is really rubbery and if you ever try it that you should take small bites or it takes a long time to chew. My thought was why eat it? Forget where it has been, do you know what's been in it? he he he
We are very happy to have him home. Ciara took a minute to warm back up to him. She was very bashful when she first saw him.

First she did the "I'll pretend I can not see him" reaction.

Then after a few minutes she started giggling and was happy to see him too!

And by the time we got home she remembered that he is the snack person too! She hung on him until he fell asleep.

That was how he spent most of the afternoon! He didn't sleep on the plane again so I'm sure he'll be playing catch up for a few more days.

Check out Randy's pics over to the right!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


While I was painting I had to use the ladder to reach the top of the walls. They are too high to reach from a chair. I am terrified of ladders. Going up is okay, coming down is a whole other story. Ciara on the other hand...not afraid at all.

What Do you Do in the Summer Time Part 2?

. I
You didn't know there would be two parts did you? Me neither! Well it has been a long 3 1/2 weeks since Randy left and this song was in my head again while taking on a good project while he was gone. Kind of a surprise for him. Randy will be home tomorrow around 3:30 pm and so I can post this now and give him a little warning. Since we have moved into our house last February we have painted every single room in the house except our own bedroom and the hallway... Well I am happy to say MISSION COMPLETED!!! Our bedroom is always the last thing to get done. But I have always felt like your bedroom is your sanctuary. It should be the place you can go to be alone, get some peace and quiet, think, privacy, a place for.... zen! When it comes to our bedroom Randy and I don't always agree on how to decorate. He is very opinionated about all the decorating but more so about our bedroom. If he had it his way our room would be camo! (Hey I didn't say he had good taste!) If I had it my way it would be more feminine. (I like to think that I do have GREAT taste!) So a few months back I started telling him that we needed new bedding. It was time for a change. We also needed to paint the room cause I don't think it was ever painted in the 9 years people have lived here. Primed for sure and if it was painted it was the crappiest white paint you can find. I'm pretty sure it was just primer. Well we couldn't agree on what to do, so I figured neutral would be okay for the walls. I needed to start with some bedding so I started sending him links of pretty bed sets I would find on-line or showing him different ads, and he would show me camo bedding from his outdoor catalogs or ones with elk, deer, whatever. I would then show him sets that were pretty with leaves embroidered on and would point out that it was outdoorsy, leaves ARE outdoors. To no avail!! (sigh) Then one day I found an ad for a bed set that wasn't pretty but wasn't camo! It was outdoorsy like Randy wanted, just in a way neither of us expected. Just in color! Brown, beige, and turquoise. I made my argument that with the super fabulous (crappy) green carpet, it would be like camping in our own room. We would have green vegetation, brown dirt and a beautiful turquoise sky or lake. He said okay and off I went. Then I picked up some paint samples and had to think about them for a little bit and decide what exactly to do~ Here is the final product!

Aaahhhh....My sanctuary at last! I really find it very easy to just hang out there now. Nothing like your own peaceful, space! Uummm, Do I have to share? I am really glad to have it done. And I finished the hallway too! Now if a certain somebody wants to replace that fab, green carpet, I will happily let him! It's a good thing he will be home tomorrow. I need a break!!!