Thursday, July 24, 2008

What Did We Do Before Computers?

Does anybody even remember how we managed without them? What fun would that be if we had to go back to that? We would have to start mailing out letters again instead of blogging!! My computer crashed this week; yes my brand new computer that is only 4 months old! It makes me crazy to have these problems with a brand new product. It of course is under warranty so naturally that means mail the computer to Texas and let them fix it and mail it back. So I am without computer for a couple weeks. (aaaaaghhh) I really like to be able to check my emails, and business news throughout the day. Plus that's usually how Randy and I communicate when he is working. Needless to say until my computer comes back I won't have any pics on the blog. I am using Randy's laptop when he is home and don't really want to install the software on this. So you may be stuck with just the posts!

I am really excited though for school to start again! Probably more excited than the kids and no not just cause I'm sick of them fighting and complaining that it's too hot! The kids have been in charter schools almost all of their schooling years but last year I had to pull them out because it seemed that it would be a lot of effort trying to get them to school with 2 babies in tow and they aren't just down the road. Well I got the best news a couple weeks ago that 2 of the charter schools were going to begin busing and we happened to be one of the "lucky" towns that gets to have the busing. Mostly cause one of the drivers lives around the corner from us. I immediately jumped on that band wagon and got the kids enrolled. I was even more excited when I got to see the schools programs they are offering for the kids. They have several different programs to join but Ky will be in the fine arts program which will include orchestra (of course), dance, private violin lessons, drama lessons, and other classes along those lines. Dallin will be in the business/sports program. That means that he will be taught his core classes with a business emphasis but will also be involved in sports through the school all year long! All of the practices are during school and most of the games will be also. They are trying it that way to try and keep kids from being soo busy with extracurricular after school that they don't have time for homework and family time. Seriously, I should of thought of that a long time ago. I'm glad somebody did. I'm sure this can be a great experience for them and also have a little fun at school too! I've always been so happy with the charter schools curriculums anyway, my kids really learn a lot more there than at the traditional public schools. Don't even get me started on last year! (YIKES!!!) Needless to say I could give you at least a dozen reasons why the kids should be in charter schools!

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KrisJ said...

Well Im glad your able to use Randy's at least geesh! I sure they hurry and fix your computer! Im glad the kids got into that school its gonna be nice having all that specialty stuff and now Dallin can be challenged again!!