Thursday, July 3, 2008

Home, Home, At Last!

Finally, Randy is home! I couldn't believe how much he changed too! I don't see him for 3 weeks and I couldn't believe how much he has changed . . .

Just Kidding! LOL When I was looking at his pics though this was the first one on the camera! This is Teo. (well his back anyway), he is one of the locals that Randy worked with while he was there. He is Randy's age and is from Singapore. He was really nice and showed Randy & Bill around. He even got Randy to eat pig intestine! I know . . . GROSS! Randy says that it is really rubbery and if you ever try it that you should take small bites or it takes a long time to chew. My thought was why eat it? Forget where it has been, do you know what's been in it? he he he
We are very happy to have him home. Ciara took a minute to warm back up to him. She was very bashful when she first saw him.

First she did the "I'll pretend I can not see him" reaction.

Then after a few minutes she started giggling and was happy to see him too!

And by the time we got home she remembered that he is the snack person too! She hung on him until he fell asleep.

That was how he spent most of the afternoon! He didn't sleep on the plane again so I'm sure he'll be playing catch up for a few more days.

Check out Randy's pics over to the right!

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KrisJ said...

I was thinking geeze he sure did get tan and grow some hair! LOL Fun pics... did he loose lots of weight on the dog and pig intestine diet??