Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Official...She is a TEENAGER!!!

What to do...she has been a teenager in her mind for quite some time, but now she is official (as of last night about 6:18)! Ky turned 13 yesterday. In some ways she does seem a little older, but I think that comes as being the oldest! We started the day about 5 am. Randy has to leave for work early and who wants to wait all day to open presents? She received quite a bit of new clothes, a new phone for her bedroom and of course some jewelry and make-up. After Randy left I think we all went back to bed.
Aunt Kris called to wish her a Happy B-day and the power went out while they were talking. Turns out some animal got into the lines and our power was out for just over 4 hours! Thankfully it wasn't a hundred degree day! We went swimming only to sit most of the time on the side because somebody left a muffin on the edge of the pool, which to the swimming pool employees looked like something else. So the swimming part was not so much fun, but we will have to try again!!! We went from the pool to meet Randy at Cold-Stone for some birthday ice-cream. We all had some yummy ice-cream and Ciara made a big, sticky, mess of course! Then to finish off her day she hung out with some friends roasting marshmallows and playing night games.
I am so glad that Kylie is my daughter. She impresses me all of the time with her maturity. She has helped boost me up when I've needed it and is a big helper with Ciara. Kylie was the sweetest, calmest baby and made the motherhood transition so easy. She was just called as her Beehive class president and I know that she will set a great example for her peers. She is very talented, she plays the violin and likes to write stories. I remember when she was in 2nd grade and she wanted to read me a story she wrote. It was a "re-make" of Snow White. I don't remember the whole thing but I remember thinking you wrote that? It was a hilarious version, I laughed at it so much. She has since written many short stories and even plays. She has a very creative mind. Kylie also has a tender heart and even though she and Dallin can fight like cats & dogs she is also very concerned for him and looks out for him and will help him when he needs it! We are so blessed to have Kylie in our family and wouldn't trade her for the world. (So, you don't have to ask.)
Happy Birthday Bug!

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KrisJ said...

O I still cant believe she is a teen! So sad to me! I have a hard time with our kids all getting older. Happy B-day Ky we love you so so much!

Stacey Jensen said...

Happy Birthday Ky!!! I have your birthday still on my calendar and each year I shed a tear as I know you are getting that much older. Zack isn't too far behind. He turns ten in about a week and my stomach hurts to know that you and Dal are getting bigger each day and I am so far away. Eat a huge piece of cake and icecream for me and know how much I love you. Happy birthday our teenaged princess. We love you so much.

tamiz said...

So I know you know I was here so I better say something (haha). I'm totally scared for my boys to be teenagers! You'll have to work out the kinks and give Kris the flawless advice to pass on!!!