Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas to all of our Friends & Family!!!
We have had lots happening in the last week and we have had a great Christmas season!
Thank you to all of our family, friends, and neighbors for everything!!!
We love you lots!!!

So good, she just had to have a lick ....
Cute as a button
The Mr. & Mrs. were not so fun this year

Christmas Eve dinner ... Chinese take-out!!!

Ciara insisted on using chop sticks

She even figured it out, I barely missed it going in her mouth.
The classic Christmas PJ's picture
Good Morning ... did Santa come?
Ciara almost always has a purse!

I think these are the faces of happy children!!!! :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I cannot believe how fast the last month has gone by. I am happy to report that Ciara's thumb is healing well. It is even starting to look like a thumb again!!! She got her big splint taken off 3 days after we went in to the ER, then we went back 7 days later and the stitches were removed. Then we went back again to have it checked. We still have to keep it wrapped and change the bandages each day, but it is getting better and we are all happy! No pics of it still though as it is not pretty and she doesn't like anyone to look at it.

We had a great Thanksgiving this year. We were just home and we were all alone, but it was nice day and then we ate until we were all stuffed like turkeys!!! We have much to be grateful for and that was really what made the day great!

We are officially ready for the Christmas season! Normally we set the Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving but this year I just wasn't ready to put it up yet. We did put up some decorations that weekend though. Today at church though Randy asked if we should put the tree up, so it went up today!!! I am one of those people that like to decorate the tree by myself, my way ... you know what kind of person I am talking about! We have 2 trees and this year I decided to put up the 2nd tree and let the kids have at it. Ky didn't have an interest in it, but Dal and Ciara had a lot of fun and they did a pretty good job!

They sure are cute ... especially when they get along so well!!!

I got to go to Temple Square last night with the Youth in our ward. It was sure pretty! We watched the Joseph Smith movie, saw a few lights (it's a bit of sore spot for some), and then ate some dinner. I did get this pretty pic of the Temple though to share!

The lights there are the best!!! Now go ahead .... bring on Christmas!