Saturday, April 30, 2011


I only had 2 shifts at work this week but it was kind of a good thing because I had days off that had good weather so I was able to get LOTS of yard work done. I was so glad to be able to do it too! Ciara & Hiatt helped me sweep off the driveways early this week and the back patio. I was able to get all of the lawn edged, weeds sprayed, leaves vacuumed up from the rock areas, the garage all cleaned out. I took the car in to be inspected and had to spend $30 on TWO light bulbs ... really? I didn't even know they were out and that is a ridiculous price. Oh well now they're fixed.

For our YM/YW activity this week we went to the Carl Bloch exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art. That was fun, the kids rushed right through it so I didn't get to see as much as I wanted, but the paintings are beautiful. It's only there for another week or so, it would be nice to try and go back without kids. They also have a display of a huge stack of books ... 80,000 lbs worth of books; very cool!!!! I can't imagine how much patience it would take to stack them in such a way that it will not fall, but it is cool to look at.

Ciara has spent time with her dad and it's been good for her but also very hard. She is so emotional for about 4 or 5 days afterwards and everything feels normal just in time for her to see him again. She misses her daddy so much and the things she will say blow me away. Kids are resilient but they are also a lot more perceptive than I think we give them credit for. She is doing much better most of the time but she still has hard time when even I leave and thinks that I am not coming back ... even if I just walk into a different room from her. She is growing like crazy and I am grateful for warmer days so she can burn more of her energy outside! It's funny though if it is cooler outside she will ask me to get her pool out because that means it "will be warmer". So the other night when it was chilly she went swimming in my bath tub instead!

Ky had a track meet today down in Richfield and we're not sure exactly how she did yet, but she said it snowed most of the time. Not sticking to the ground but they had to stay outside and the race went on while it snowed, needless to say she didn't care for it too much. She has a dance concert coming up, her AP History test on Friday, camp certification and a carnival fundraiser for track. If anybody would like some cheap entertainment let us know, she is selling tix to it. They will also have a raffle for and Ipod or something with an "I" in front of it! They will have dinner and will be showing Tangled. It could be loads of fun!!! We will most likely be there :)

Dallin is glad the school year is finally winding down. He is very excited for his scout camp in June, when they will spend six days canoeing 68 miles of the Green River. Ugh .... mom is not so excited. I'm sure it will be a good experience and they are getting ready for a camp out at Vernon reservoir to practice their canoeing skills. Dal stayed home with Ciara today while Ky was at her match & I was at work and he did a fabulous job! I checked on him several times because he has not ever babysat for more than an hour or so, but each time both he and Ciara were fine and having fun! Maybe he is starting to mature just a little bit more.

I am sending out a call to my friends on here that I am looking for a different job if anybody is aware of anything. I love my job and really don't want to leave it but it is not providing near enough hours. We would like to stay where we are but if we have to move elsewhere we will ... well I might have some exclusions of where I'm willing to live. I'm not a fan of cold!!! After the phone call I received last week sometimes getting out of this town sounds better & better. Sometimes I really don't understand ... I just want to laugh!!! Small towns are the BEST!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Ciara's Easter Dress!

I got this made last night after dinner! I picked up the fabric and everything a couple weeks ago and just have not had the time. So I was scrambling last night to get it done and it is so cute ... and big enough she can wear for awhile!!!

We have enjoyed our Easter today. We went to church and of all things the talks were on MARRIAGE! Last week the same thing at Stake Conference too. If only ......

Here was a neat quote from President Monson's talk at the Priesthood session.

"Choose your love; love your choice."

This could be applied in life in many ways I suppose. It is a great reminder to me to always be grateful for what I do have.

I am grateful for Easter and for our Savior. The atonement has meant so much to me in my life and it always will. I am grateful for the sacrifice he was willing to make on my behalf, my children, and my family. I hope to one day have every part of my life be a reflection of gratitude for all the wonderful things Jesus has done for me!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


"The greatest tragedy in life is not dying, it's what dies inside of us while we are trying to live."


Sunday, April 17, 2011


Today was our final day of spring break. It's kind of sad, I will really miss having the kids around. I did work several days during the break, but the kids were able to still have some fun. We of course started it in Colorado. Then we came home to cold, not so fun weather. It began to warm a little and so we did spend some time outside. I got a little yard work done in between rain storms. Dallin tried getting his bike fixed so he could ride it; he also had a scout camp out at Topaz mountain. He was very excited about all the topaz that he brought home, none of it was the $1000 pieces they were hoping for but he is pretty proud of his stash. Kylie was out with friends quite a bit, which included some late nights. I personally will not miss those. Ciara was Ciara ... and she was invited to her first birthday party! She got to go to our next door neighbors party yesterday and had lots of fun. The kids and I went and saw Rio; it was cute, not the best, but cute. The kids really enjoyed it though ... all of them. I forgot the camera for every single thing that we did so that explains the lack of photos! :)

This weekend was Stake Conference. Something that stood out for me was this simple quote. "To experience the fullness of joy, one must have trials and endure them righteously." It really has me thinking. I have always excepted my trials, not necessarily enjoyed them, but I know when they happen I need to endure and learn. This has me thinking of them differently though; perhaps I need to change my attitude as well, because I could really go for some "fullness of joy." This may take some practice because right now I just want to lock all of the doors and never come out. Thankfully I have a million reasons to not do that and I remember them every morning as soon as I wake up. I know that Heavenly Father is mindful of us right now. I just also know that my attitude is making it very difficult to feel any joy or happiness at the present time. So maybe I will be posting this quote on a mirror or two to help remind me .... righteously which includes my attitude!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


A couple weeks ago Kylie had a track meet at Delta High School. It ended up being a fairly nice day, windy ... but when is it NOT windy in Delta. Kylie did good in her races, she ran the 100 and the 400. She was suppose to run in the 200 but slept through it! It's probably her best race too, and I was looking forward to watching it, aargh!

Turns out that Ciara is Kylie's biggest fan & an awesome cheerleader!!!

After a beautiful spring day of temps in the 70's and we all got sunburned ...

Nothing says SPRING in Utah like a good snow fall!!!

Now it's Spring Break for the kids .... Wahoo!!!! We all wanted to get out of town, especially I wanted to be gone during my anniversary, so we took off to Colorado to spend the weekend at my sister's house. We had a great time :) The girls all got pedi's and Kris and I went to Madcap in Westminster one night. That was a fun show; it's like the Drew Cary show "Who's Line is it Anyway." We were laughing the whole show and they kept everything clean, it was really great! It was a lot of fun and Ciara couldn't make up her mind if she really wanted to come home or stay with Malia. Those two are could be a lot of trouble together if they had a lot of time together .... something I may be willing to find out. ;)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It has now been almost 6 weeks since Randy and I separated and it hasn't gotten any better. We did counseling twice and learned quite a bit there, but then he decided to give up. I'm so sad for Randy and the reasons for all of this are hurting us both so much. It doesn't look like things are going to work out as he wants to proceed with this being permanent. What does one do? It's not my choice in anyway. I have found out that he no longer loves me, since we lost our little Aspyn. So weird to think that we lost someone together and some how now it is tearing apart our little family. I don't know what to make of this or even know how to react. It's like the wound has been re-opened and still feels so fresh. It hurts a lot to be losing Randy. He has been such a great guy, and has so many good qualities about him.

I will work on a happier post soon! It might take me a little bit, but I will do it!