Sunday, February 15, 2009


To my awesome hubby!!! Valentine Day turns out to be a good day to reflect on love. And Randy did not disappoint yesterday! We are not much for going out and joining the crowds on this holiday so we stayed home and enjoyed a fabulous dinner with the kids! Randy brought me home some very thoughtful gifts yesterday and even a beautiful orchid. Now my goal is to keep it alive so if any of you have them and have some helpful hints to keeping them alive, I would greatly appreciate the sharing of knowledge!!! I typically don't keep live plants in my house because I can't keep them alive.
Since my hubby was so thoughtful, I thought I could share some information on this great man that I get to call mine forever & ever!
One of the first things I realized about him was that he was kind, and that sometimes his kindness has a weird sense of humor!
He is creative!
And sometimes has good ideas!

He is a great cook! Especially on the grill. Just ask Kylie where you can get the best steak .... she'll tell you "Dad makes the best steaks, even better than the Outback."

He can sleep anywhere!

He likes to keep everybody warm. Everybody knows when you are camping with Randy he is the fire tender, and at home he keeps the stove going and we are never cold!

He is funny!

Did I already mention that?

He is a worthy Priesthood Holder!

He is a hard worker and last but never least, he is an awesome hubby and daddy!

We sure love you babe! Thanks a million for all that you do!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009


I have now had my first official week of Nail Tech classes ... I love it! Even the not so fun pedicure I had to give couldn't spoil all the fun. Here is a run down of this week . . . .
My first day I had book work (which there is every day) and then learned manicures, so I received one and then had to give one. Then I practiced on Randy at home (without the polish). The next day I did 4 chapter reviews, learned pedicures, I received one and gave one. I had to leave early that night for Young Women's which was a fun night also. We are getting ready for New Beginnings next Wednesday. I'm slightly nervous but I know it will be a great night. Yesterday I took 4 tests (thankfully passed each one) and learned glitter toes!!! I received and then gave.

Sorry about the pic of my own, but they are so much fun! I saw these for the first time at the last craft fair that I did and thought they were fun and now I know how to do them. So starting next week I will be needing "models" to come in so I can practice. Ky gets to be my first and she is pretty excited.

Part of taking this class means Ciara has to go to a sitter on Thursdays for about 3 hours until the kids get home. The rest of the days Randy is home and it works out well. Ciara has never been tended by anybody but her big sister, so I was very nervous. Apparently without a reason because I took her to Nicol's and she pretty much didn't even care if I was there or gone. She immediately went to exploring and trying everything out and didn't even want to give hugs and kisses when I left. Shortly after I left she told Nicol that she wanted a nap and laid down on a bed and went right to sleep. WOW or PHEW? I'm not sure which to feel maybe both? And add a little sadness that she didn't mind me leaving, at least I don't have to worry about her feeling abandoned when I leave her there.