Sunday, February 15, 2009


To my awesome hubby!!! Valentine Day turns out to be a good day to reflect on love. And Randy did not disappoint yesterday! We are not much for going out and joining the crowds on this holiday so we stayed home and enjoyed a fabulous dinner with the kids! Randy brought me home some very thoughtful gifts yesterday and even a beautiful orchid. Now my goal is to keep it alive so if any of you have them and have some helpful hints to keeping them alive, I would greatly appreciate the sharing of knowledge!!! I typically don't keep live plants in my house because I can't keep them alive.
Since my hubby was so thoughtful, I thought I could share some information on this great man that I get to call mine forever & ever!
One of the first things I realized about him was that he was kind, and that sometimes his kindness has a weird sense of humor!
He is creative!
And sometimes has good ideas!

He is a great cook! Especially on the grill. Just ask Kylie where you can get the best steak .... she'll tell you "Dad makes the best steaks, even better than the Outback."

He can sleep anywhere!

He likes to keep everybody warm. Everybody knows when you are camping with Randy he is the fire tender, and at home he keeps the stove going and we are never cold!

He is funny!

Did I already mention that?

He is a worthy Priesthood Holder!

He is a hard worker and last but never least, he is an awesome hubby and daddy!

We sure love you babe! Thanks a million for all that you do!!!

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Laurie said...

hey Becki,
I am glad that you guys had a good valentines day. Mac is working for a company in Salt lake called ICPE. He is going to be in WY and in UT. It changes from week to week. It is good to hear from you.

Kristina Curtis said...

so cute. what a sweet post. i love all of the pictures. he really is a good guy.. i am so glad you guys found each other.