Wednesday, October 29, 2008


As you may remember I have stated in past, that blogging has been very therapeutic for me. ( My Therapists name is BLOGGER.COM, please feel free to use it!!)
The following post is no different. This blog has always been intended for our family and friends and so I have given a lot of thought about sharing the following video, and I know that I wanted to share it with those who are closest to us, as many of you were with us a year ago when we lost our little Aspyn. The video does have pictures of Aspyn. So I caution you to please watch it with reverence and respect and listen to the words of the song. The lyrics were written by a women who also had a still born child and then she asked Michael R. Hicks to write the music for it. This song is beautiful and the words are very healing and peaceful to me.


Sunday, October 26, 2008


Ciara has never been a big sleep-in kind of baby. She is not much of a napper either. So when there was a couple of times that she was sleeping in quite a bit over the past few weeks I thought it was kind of awesome but weird too! You have those panicky moments when they do that and you have to go in and check to make sure everything is all right. Well here is what I found ...

She really likes the heater, she says "hot, hot!"

Her heater puts out quite a bit of air!!! Doesn't it look like according to her hair that she should be flying?!

That must be a good time!

Now I know that if the heater is on, more than likely she will be on the heater and not sleeping in!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Last night Randy and I went to dinner. We went to this fabulous little Chinese restaurant in Payson called Tsing Tao. We really like it there. The food is great, especially the teriyaki chicken and the coconut chicken, and the wait staff is fabulous and friendly! Last night our waiter asked if we wanted chopsticks, this is the first time we have been offered chopsticks there. Randy said yes as he has become quite good using them after spending so much time in Asia. He even has a preference of what kind of chopsticks (no metal). So we are eating our food with our chopsticks when the waiter comes up and starts talking to us. He is talking so fast that we can barely understand him, but he is saying something about how we look smart and something about if we have used chopsticks before. Pretty soon I see him handing out chopsticks to more customers and showing some of the kids how to use them. This guy is just very friendly and you can tell he is enjoying his night. He brought Randy and I some cake and then our ticket with the usual fortune cookies and tells us to come back again! He looks at Randy and says "I will remember you, you are very smart" while gesturing to his head and pointing out Randy's receding hair line. LOL I don't think he was being offensive at all but I'm wondering if the Asians believe bald men are smart because they are bald! It gave us a good laugh and of course we will be back. How can you not when dinner is that much fun.

Just as a side note, I do think that my husband is very smart and attractive, but I would never had considered that the balding part is what made him look that way!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


She's here, she's here!
And in Maddie's own words "Listen up! This baby is ours!!!"
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Malia made it home, safe and sound on Thursday. Just a few days after she turned 1. She was greeted at the airport by her family and a whole lot of friends. This is their first family pic and she looks like she has always belonged. And it would appear that Mom and Malia have the same hair do!!! Having children is such a blessing and Malia is no different! She and her family have waited for so long to be united together. Kristine has said so many times "all in the Lord's time", which isn't always easy to accept, but they have been so patient through the entire process and as always, Heavenly Father DOES know what you can bare! And now she is here and is perfect. She has been an absolutely wonderful baby and is full of love and smiles!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jesus Loves the Little Children

And Ciara sure loves him too! We have a ceramic figurine of Jesus with the little children and a sheep that sits on a stand in the living room. Ciara is always trying to play with it. Today she went up to it and started saying oohhhh, and gently touching it. Then she was excited about the kids on his lap and his shoes. Then she started pulling it towards the edge of the stand trying to kiss him, but she couldn't reach it. So she grabbed him off and before I could stop her she hurried and gave him a big hug. She has this new thing when she gives her babies and animals hugs that she squeezes them really tight, and makes a noise that I don't know how to write it. But it IS really cute. So she does this with Jesus over and over and giving him kisses!!! It was really sweet so I had to take some pics and share!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Pictures of Korea

Friday, October 3, 2008


First of all, due to the fact that Randy and the crew got the install done early and it is a holiday in Korea today, he is already on his way home. We will have our daddy back tonight!!! It will be so nice to have him home. We did find out a few days ago that his schedule might be changing when he gets home, but we probably won't know until next week.
Next, and this is very exciting!!!! My sister and her family got Malia's travel call yesterday.! What does this mean exactly? This means that after more than a year of the adoption process that their sweet little Malia is coming home to her family next Thursday. Her 1st birthday is on Monday, Oct. 6th. We are so excited for them to finally be getting their little Korean Princess home! Kris, I am sending a WOOT, WOOT out to you!!!! Patience does pay off!

Is that just not the sweetest smile!