Sunday, October 26, 2008


Ciara has never been a big sleep-in kind of baby. She is not much of a napper either. So when there was a couple of times that she was sleeping in quite a bit over the past few weeks I thought it was kind of awesome but weird too! You have those panicky moments when they do that and you have to go in and check to make sure everything is all right. Well here is what I found ...

She really likes the heater, she says "hot, hot!"

Her heater puts out quite a bit of air!!! Doesn't it look like according to her hair that she should be flying?!

That must be a good time!

Now I know that if the heater is on, more than likely she will be on the heater and not sleeping in!!!

2 Say Something:

KrisJ said...

OK is it just me or doesnt she look like a darling little Becki! She is so stinking cute and HEY if a heater gets you a few more minutes of sleep CRANK it up!!

kathy said...

Allrighty then. Get the girl a blankie to put over her legs to hold in the heat. I love it.