Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jesus Loves the Little Children

And Ciara sure loves him too! We have a ceramic figurine of Jesus with the little children and a sheep that sits on a stand in the living room. Ciara is always trying to play with it. Today she went up to it and started saying oohhhh, and gently touching it. Then she was excited about the kids on his lap and his shoes. Then she started pulling it towards the edge of the stand trying to kiss him, but she couldn't reach it. So she grabbed him off and before I could stop her she hurried and gave him a big hug. She has this new thing when she gives her babies and animals hugs that she squeezes them really tight, and makes a noise that I don't know how to write it. But it IS really cute. So she does this with Jesus over and over and giving him kisses!!! It was really sweet so I had to take some pics and share!

3 Say Something:

Stacey Jensen said...

Ciara is adorable. Sure reminds me a lot of Kylie at the same age. What a doll. We love her and are glad she is part of our lives too. Thank you for reminding us Ciara that Jesus loves us too.

KrisJ said...

OMGosh that is to sweet and she looks darling!!

KrisJ said...

OOO and I LOVE the photo editing!