Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Last night Randy and I went to dinner. We went to this fabulous little Chinese restaurant in Payson called Tsing Tao. We really like it there. The food is great, especially the teriyaki chicken and the coconut chicken, and the wait staff is fabulous and friendly! Last night our waiter asked if we wanted chopsticks, this is the first time we have been offered chopsticks there. Randy said yes as he has become quite good using them after spending so much time in Asia. He even has a preference of what kind of chopsticks (no metal). So we are eating our food with our chopsticks when the waiter comes up and starts talking to us. He is talking so fast that we can barely understand him, but he is saying something about how we look smart and something about if we have used chopsticks before. Pretty soon I see him handing out chopsticks to more customers and showing some of the kids how to use them. This guy is just very friendly and you can tell he is enjoying his night. He brought Randy and I some cake and then our ticket with the usual fortune cookies and tells us to come back again! He looks at Randy and says "I will remember you, you are very smart" while gesturing to his head and pointing out Randy's receding hair line. LOL I don't think he was being offensive at all but I'm wondering if the Asians believe bald men are smart because they are bald! It gave us a good laugh and of course we will be back. How can you not when dinner is that much fun.

Just as a side note, I do think that my husband is very smart and attractive, but I would never had considered that the balding part is what made him look that way!

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KrisJ said...

LOLOL!!!! To fun!! Guess that makes Rich smart too right!