Sunday, October 12, 2008


She's here, she's here!
And in Maddie's own words "Listen up! This baby is ours!!!"
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Malia made it home, safe and sound on Thursday. Just a few days after she turned 1. She was greeted at the airport by her family and a whole lot of friends. This is their first family pic and she looks like she has always belonged. And it would appear that Mom and Malia have the same hair do!!! Having children is such a blessing and Malia is no different! She and her family have waited for so long to be united together. Kristine has said so many times "all in the Lord's time", which isn't always easy to accept, but they have been so patient through the entire process and as always, Heavenly Father DOES know what you can bare! And now she is here and is perfect. She has been an absolutely wonderful baby and is full of love and smiles!

2 Say Something:

KrisJ said...

Awww thank you so much! Cant wait for you to see her!

Kristina and Brady said...

That is so special! Congratulations!