Wednesday, May 28, 2008

All Right All Ready!!!

I know.... I haven't updated in quite awhile! It just seems like there is always something going on these days. So here was the past month for the Ogden's!

Earlier this month we went to Thanksgiving Point for the Walk of Remembrance. It is for families who have lost children and they hold it at the Garden's which was absolutely beautiful. We didn't get to stay for the whole thing however because Ciara got too loud during the name reading and I didn't want to take away from everybody else. But while we were there it was really quite enjoyable and very nice!

Kylie had her photo shoot earlier also. It went really well and as soon as we get the pics I will post some. They should come any day now. I asked her what her favorite part about it was and she said "Having people do stuff for you!" That is so Ky! She really enjoys being pampered.

We have been working hard in the yard. (And we will be all summer I'm sure.) We have been building fences and gates. Got our garden planted (not that you can see anything in the above pic). Almost everything I planted up there is growing. I am waiting for the peas and beans to sprout! Our lawn is growing but not filled in yet! Thanks to all of the rain this past week it really grew in well and so did the weeds....agh! Randy is building a shed out back also and finished tearing down the big chicken coop that was there when we moved in. And thanks to all of the bugs I have about 30 bug bites all over! Have I ever mentioned I despise most bugs?! One night I got into bed and we had been working out in the yard most of the day and Randy put his arm across me and I could fill something there so I went to grab for it and realized that it was in my gees so I reached in and grabbed it thinking it was dirt and was so embarrassed that I was in bed that dirty. So I take it out and drop it and then start thinking what if that wasn't dirt. I start feeling a little anxious and then feel something touch my leg, and I was trying really hard to convince my self that I was just freaking myself out but moved my leg anyway. A few minutes later I feel across my foot so I jump out of bed and tell Randy I think there is a bug in the bed and pull the sheets back and can't find anything. I went to turn the light off and thought I better move them off Randy's side too that was the direction it was headed. Ummmm....there was one of those dumb, black, stinkbugs! Ewwwww.... I hate those things. They get so big around here. I have seen them like over 2 inches long, and oh by the way.... they mate too! The one in our bed wasn't so big but still gross! I hope no one reads this right before they go to bed, I know you will be creeped out! LOL

All right....moving on!

Randy got a call last week from work asking him to go to Taiwan next month. He will be leaving on the 8th and won't return until the 2nd of July. And anybody who wants to say something like "Oh, that sounds so exciting!" can stick it up there nose. Only he is going and it is almost a month long. I'm sure it will be different for him so I hope he has a really great time! (or a really horrible time missing us back here in the hole called Goshen) I think I'm done airing my frustrations for a moment. I did start the Twilight series last week, (I know... I am the last person on Earth to read them!) and maybe that will get me through the month of June!!!! I am almost done with the third so I might have to read them again. But let's not get started on Edward just yet!

Pheww... I am almost caught up here! We went to the Deseret Cemetery for Memorial Day, or Decoration Day as it used t be called! Randy's family does this every year and it is tradition. But it is okay with me because we do get to visit Aspyn's site there also. Randy's grandpa passed away this past January and his stone was just recently placed there and it is really nice! The day wasn't so great, it was really windy and quite chilly, but we enjoyed it. After the program at the cemetery we went back to his grandma's house and visited with family and had lunch. The kids really enjoy getting together with the cousins and didn't seem to mind the wind at all! Of course, it is always windy in Delta.
This is the kids' last week of school, they get out early tomorrow and then finished for a time! I know they are super excited, but that's cause they don't know how many weeds they are going to GET to pull!!! he he he Kristine and I will be at Art City days Craft fair in a couple of weeks and I am excited and nervous as this is our first and I'm not sure what to expect!
And finally....Bring On The Girl Nights next month, because I don't WANT to be all alone the whole time he is gone! Bring on the shopping, pedicures, chocolate... You get the picture, right?! I don't know how the pioneers did it or even how military wives handle all of there time away cause 3 1/2 weeks seems like too much.
I finally updated Kris aren't you so happy?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

So... What IS in a Name?

I only ask cause it can be kinda funny how people translate your name. My maiden name is Manley and the worst I ever got was "So, are you really Manley?" Ouch, that really hurt. LOL It did hurt someone else my 8th grade year when I transferred to AFJH and a boy in my math class made that comment on my first day and the teacher told him I was more Manley than he was. He did get a little teary and she did try to make it better with a candy bar that she made him share with me.
Anyhoo...I have tried to pick names for my kids that couldn't be made fun of too bad. You know how mean kids can be. So Kylie Smiley...(she doesn't like that, but it could be worse!) Dallin...mmmm, how can you go wrong with that? His cousin Kaden did call him Gallin for a few years, and Randy sometimes calles him Dallerina (because he does like to break loose!); again, not too bad. Ciara...I can't even think of anything, but I've heard of other Ciara's being called Sierra Mist after the soft drink, but it doesn't bother them. And who knows, it could be history by the time Ciara is old enough to even know what it is. My kids names don't have any special meanings, I just liked the names and tried to be a little bit original.
So Kylie came home from school the other day and told me that her Utah Studies teacher asked her if she was Jewish. I couldn't figure out where that came from; so I asked. She said he told her that Mishler is a Jewish name. Ummmm...I've never heard that one before. Mishler is Ky & Dal's dads last name, but I am not aware of any Jewish Mishler's; and that is not to say that there aren't any, or that there would be anything wrong with that, but it did catch me off guard. She told him that it was German and he said he knew and that was probably why she is Jewish, somewhere in the line. Like I said, people's interpretations can be kind of interesting and funny. I always had people who spelled Mishler wrong, but nobody ever asked if we were Jewish.
Until now that is!
I do get a lot of funny looks when I tell people my mom's maiden name is Wing!
NO, it is not Asian! LOL Then again, maybe it is somewhere down one of those lines!