Saturday, May 3, 2008

So... What IS in a Name?

I only ask cause it can be kinda funny how people translate your name. My maiden name is Manley and the worst I ever got was "So, are you really Manley?" Ouch, that really hurt. LOL It did hurt someone else my 8th grade year when I transferred to AFJH and a boy in my math class made that comment on my first day and the teacher told him I was more Manley than he was. He did get a little teary and she did try to make it better with a candy bar that she made him share with me.
Anyhoo...I have tried to pick names for my kids that couldn't be made fun of too bad. You know how mean kids can be. So Kylie Smiley...(she doesn't like that, but it could be worse!) Dallin...mmmm, how can you go wrong with that? His cousin Kaden did call him Gallin for a few years, and Randy sometimes calles him Dallerina (because he does like to break loose!); again, not too bad. Ciara...I can't even think of anything, but I've heard of other Ciara's being called Sierra Mist after the soft drink, but it doesn't bother them. And who knows, it could be history by the time Ciara is old enough to even know what it is. My kids names don't have any special meanings, I just liked the names and tried to be a little bit original.
So Kylie came home from school the other day and told me that her Utah Studies teacher asked her if she was Jewish. I couldn't figure out where that came from; so I asked. She said he told her that Mishler is a Jewish name. Ummmm...I've never heard that one before. Mishler is Ky & Dal's dads last name, but I am not aware of any Jewish Mishler's; and that is not to say that there aren't any, or that there would be anything wrong with that, but it did catch me off guard. She told him that it was German and he said he knew and that was probably why she is Jewish, somewhere in the line. Like I said, people's interpretations can be kind of interesting and funny. I always had people who spelled Mishler wrong, but nobody ever asked if we were Jewish.
Until now that is!
I do get a lot of funny looks when I tell people my mom's maiden name is Wing!
NO, it is not Asian! LOL Then again, maybe it is somewhere down one of those lines!

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KrisJ said...

So at our last bunko we were discussing last names and they wanted to know mine and wow there was so much laughter after they heard Manley! So glad I got rid of that one!

Kristina & Brady said...

This is something I worry about too. So when we have some names picked out when we have a baby I will come to you so we can make sure they are safe. LOL!! I never got made fun of with my name I was just ALWAYS correcting them....Kristina with a K and Olesen NOT Olsen or Olson!! GURR!! Kristina Curtis is much better--Kristina with a K and Curtis with a C.

tamiz said...

Yes I have to admit that I was among those laughing about Manley at Bunko. But I got "Tampon" for Tami frequently.