Monday, September 27, 2010


Randy & I went out with some friends this last weekend and had some fun! We went to Tucanos for dinner and it was fabulous. We had some great meat servers and had fun playing with our food too! Then we headed up to Sundance. I have been up to Sundance before to ride the ski lifts during the summer but only in the day. During the full moon they offer night rides and we happened to hear about it just in time for the last one of the season. It was a lot busier than we expected it to be, but the lines moved very quickly. This was a pic I took of part of the line on our way back down. You can see the ride got a little bumpy ...

Somewhere in there is our friends on another lift.

Ohhhhhh .... that is the face of "I am having SO much FUN!"

This is another part of the bumpy ride ... that and the wrong setting on the camera.

A shot of the almost full moon ...

Yeah Yeah!!!

The ride was so peaceful and relaxing. We thought it would be cold but as we went higher it actually got warmer. If I would've had a pillow I probably could have fallen asleep.
I had to get some pics of Ciara the other day. She was in the mood for posing and wanted me to cut a rose for her. Looking at these pics I can hardly believe how much she is growing and changing. She is going to be 4 in just a few months. AAAAAGGGHHHH She still is loads of trouble, but isn't that face just too cute?!

Monday, September 13, 2010

End of Summer Update

It is starting to officially feel like summer is ending! Once upon a younger time, Summer was my favorite season. Now my favorite would be Fall. I love the colors, the cooler temperatures, putting on a sweater now and then, and the kids are back in school, which means routine!!! I finally figured out how to make our mornings go much smoother so the transition has been very nice. The kids are enjoying school and are excited about their classes. Kylie is doing cross-country, ballroom, AP History, and has Driver's Ed beginning in January .... so scary! Dallin just finished a dang bug project for science, has hip-hop again, and started guitar at school. Hopefully he'll be playing me Hotel California by the end of the school year .... okay, I guess I can wait a little longer than that.
Right before school started we moved, still in the same town but a different house. That meant we were really busy for a good couple of weeks. I was able to get 8 different rooms painted in a 2 week period and I have not attempted any of the bathrooms or the master bedroom and quite honestly not to anxious to get on any of those either. It was fun doing new colors though, I was getting the bug to start painting again anyway. Randy has been working hard in the yard and getting things done outside. He has even had a nice project on the car since he hit an Antelope on his way home from work one night!!! Now he doesn't even need to worry about hunting those suckers, he ran one right over!!! I didn't think they ever ran out in front of cars but he says that 2 of them did. I guess that's what happens out in the dessert in the middle of the night.
We took the kids to the carnival a couple of weeks ago. Ciara had so much fun! It was her first and she kicked and screamed the whole way home until she fell asleep. Apparently Randy & I are getting old (or wimpy) cause we only did 3 rides and I was sick after the first and Randy didn't feel so good for awhile either. It was fun just watching Ciara get on a ride and give us a thumbs up and a wink though. Unfortunately I forgot the camera and have no pics. That has turned into my favorite saying because every time we have been anywhere fun, I always forget to take it.
Dallin is officially a teenager now! (I think they get the teenage attitude around 11 years old though, girls get it much younger.) We had a great day though ... we went fishing up to Payson Lakes, didn't catch any fish, but Dal must have been cleaning the bottom of the lake. Again, no pics! He is such a good boy! He tries hard to do what he is suppose to do and his teachers have always really enjoyed him because he just does his work and is so cooperative. This year he has really showed a lot of growth in getting ready for school on his own. He is finally getting up all on his own in the mornings and getting himself ready on time! It's a big deal here. He has always been the hardest child to shop for, he usually doesn't know what he even wants. I gave him $$ instead and he doesn't even know what he wants to spend it on. Too funny, maybe I could ask for it back ... I could think of a hundred things to do with it :)

He does know what he wants when it comes to his birthday cake though! This cake was really yummy ... very BIG & yummy!!!!

Seriously a cute lil' man! Makes me a little sad though that they have to grow up so fast.