Thursday, November 18, 2010


And now a few of our gratitude's from our journal .....
Vehicles that work
Things that smell good
Running Water
My bed
Strength in our bodies
Showers (I'd like to second that one)
Happy Family


So I talked about how Ky was going to be dancing with her Ballroom company in CATS ... well we went and saw the show on closing night and it was sold out with a line of people waiting. The show was AWESOME!!! That is not a biased opinion either. I wasn't sure of what to expect but I didn't have nearly the expectations of what we got to see. I honestly felt like I was watching a Broadway show! The only issues were that the school could use a few more spotlights. I loved the show and I would like to see it again! There are only a few pics posted because they didn't allow any photography during the show, so I tried getting some afterwards. Ky is the black cat with the mostly white face in them.
Other then that things are going pretty well. Randy is still working all though as of right now it is not turning into a permanent position unless something changes before the guy gets back from Afghanistan. He still looks for other work but the electronic job market hasn't really made a turn around yet. We still have a few months and know whatever happens is what will be best. I just keep hoping that we are learning what we are meant to learn from all these lessons.
Kylie is glad that CATS is over and that now she can really focus on her studies. It was very hard to keep up on everything when she was spending every hour out of school practicing for the show. She is now well rested and a much happier camper to be around. She has her boyfriend and it is funny to see some of the changes going on. Things like telling people to drop it cause it's not worth fighting over ... or last night she ate lasagna. That was a big deal because she would never even try it before because it has tomatoes and then she tells us that last week when they were at dinner with Brannon's family that she ate some nachos that had onions & peppers on it and LIKED it. She is normally the pickiest eater that ever lived and now all of sudden she is trying more foods. I asked her last night if this have to do with Brannon or if this could be a sign of maturing. She said definitely not maturing ... hahaha
Dallin is still enjoying guitar and let me know a couple of weeks ago that he does not want to take hip hop next year. I guess he may be losing interest in it which is kind of too bad, because he is really good at it. I finally have him more interested in soccer though so I think that is what he wants to focus more on. I like soccer it's a lot less of a contact sport then football. He has been begging to play football for a couple of years and I just don't dare let him. He is fast, but he is tiny! He looks like he would break so easy even with the gear ... it could be the gear that breaks him. He looks more like a soccer player to me and he likes to go outside and kick the ball around and asks me to teach him some tricks with it. Maybe he will make some of his own :)
Ciara .... well she is Ciara! Sweet, cute, mischievous, ornery .... the list goes and goes! There are a few pics of her little personality below. There is no possible way to catalog them all though, there are just way too many. She just keeps going and going and going .... literally like the energizer bunny. She is mostly out of the napping stage. I get so excited when she will take one though! This past Sunday was our primary program and it was her first and nobody was sure how she would do with it. Well it wasn't too much of a surprise, Randy was up on the stand with his class and all she wanted was to go sit with her dad. So she did until it was her turn to say her part and she did her part very well (the only one I could understand in her class), then she went and sat with her dad for a few more minutes and got way to ornery and Randy took her home. Maybe next year! Maybe her dad could set an example of how to sit up there reverently and sing with the choir for the Christmas program! C'mon Randy it won't be that bad :)