Thursday, July 29, 2010


These are out of order ... I'm don't really want to fight blogger at the moment :)
I spent 2 nights at girls camp up at Koholowo. We were there just a few weeks after they sent a bunch of girls home because of a bear and cub in the camp. We never saw any bear but we did hear one just outside of our camp Thursday morning. It had the cows very upset and the girls since it never showed its face.

We went camping out to Manti on the weekend of the 4th. We were right next to the temple and had a great view of the top of it. We swam a lot, went to the veteran's breakfast in the park, watched fireworks, and took a great drive on the Skyline Drive and got to take in some amazing views.

Ky's friend Cierra came with us and clearly did not want her pic taken.

Neither did Ky, but you girls should just enjoy having your pics taken while you are still young. You don't get to hide from the camera until you are a Mom.

Here is Dallin telling me to not take his picture either.

Don't go see this Dr.
Our view at night.

We just went up Beaver Mountain last weekend. This would be the Beaver mountain by Beaver. It was mine and the kids first time up there. It was beautiful ... lot's of trees and several small lakes, with lots of fishing to be done. Randy's brother Roger came up with some of his kids and spent a night with us.
LOOK Roger I got a picture of you with your eyes open .... woo woo :)

Ciara & Dallin really got into the fishing. They had so much fun doing it. It was Ciara's first time fishing; she caught quite a few of them too. Dallin wasn't quite as lucky, but he did catch a few. I didn't have the camera when he caught them though.

Enjoying a good camp fire ....

and a beautiful lake.

Kylie had a wonderful opportunity to perform in the Handcart Pageant back in June. She got to make new friends and learn new things. I didn't get great pics, but she is in there somewhere dancing and walking behind a handcart.

Beautiful girls!

All righty mom you are all updated!!!! :)