Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas to all of our Friends & Family!!!
We have had lots happening in the last week and we have had a great Christmas season!
Thank you to all of our family, friends, and neighbors for everything!!!
We love you lots!!!

So good, she just had to have a lick ....
Cute as a button
The Mr. & Mrs. were not so fun this year

Christmas Eve dinner ... Chinese take-out!!!

Ciara insisted on using chop sticks

She even figured it out, I barely missed it going in her mouth.
The classic Christmas PJ's picture
Good Morning ... did Santa come?
Ciara almost always has a purse!

I think these are the faces of happy children!!!! :)

3 Say Something:

KrisJ said...

YEAH Becki!!! That was lots of pics!! Merry Christmas Love you guys lots!! I cant believe she got that in her mouth with the chop sticks.. that is some serious skilz!
Have lots of fun with everyone tonight!!

Stacey Jensen said...

The kids are all growing so quickly. They are so good looking. Of course the have a beautiful mom why wouldn't they be so cute?! Sure miss and love you guys. Hope you know you are always in our thoughts. Best wishes for the upcoming new year.

KrisJ said...

Ummm time to update lady!! AND give me a call.. or I will call you in the AM