Thursday, July 31, 2008


Thanks Stacey! This was fun, now everybody else is tagged so get to it!!!

A-Z This is me...

A - age - 32, but really I quit counting at 25
B - birthday - February 25, Do the math!!!
C - candy or cake - Depends on the candy and cake...German Chocolate or skittles, I'll go for the GC.
D - Dessert you love - CHOCOLATE, The milk chocolate kind.
E - easiest person to talk to - Kristinee weenee ... Don't kill me!
F - favorite song - ummm...anything that makes me boogy!
G - gold or silver - Silver, silver, silver
H - habit - Brush my teeth first thing in the morning (You didn't really think I would embarrass myself with a bad habit did you?)
I - instruments I play - Flute & piano (self-taught on both...mostly)
J - job title - Domestic Engineer, wife, laundry girl, cook, maid, babysitter, I come to all of those names!
K - kids - Ky, Dal, Ciara, & Aspyn (refer to previous posts to find out how wonderful they each are, and by the way...can't wait for school to start!)
L - love or lust - All You need is love, love. Love is all you need! (I hope that tune is stuck in your head now like it is mine)
M- married or single - Married, married, married
N - next to you - Usually Ciara
O - one wish - That my fair godmother would get off her life-long vacation all ready
P - person you called last - Kristine
Q - quotes - There are starving children in China! (My Parents) Seriously, I still didn't eat my brussel sprouts so I don't expect that to work on my kids.
R - reasons to smile - If you spend enough time with me you will have plenty of reasons to smile or laugh too! Just ask my kids, they think I'm so weird, but at least we can all laugh at me!
S - steak or pork - Steak! Just ask Ky what she wants for dinner. She better marry a cattle man.
T - turns you on - Randy with a clean shaved face, not head! (hint, hint!) And on the side maybe Edward too!
U - unique talent - Everything I do is unique, again ask the kids. I'll have to get back to this one later!
V - vegetable - fried zucchini, fresh garden tomatoes, make that any fresh veggie from the garden!!!
W - woke up at what time - About 7. It usually depends on Ciara. I try to sleep a little later when she does. I'm not always so lucky though.
X - x-rays I've had - Teeth, other than that I'm not really sure. I don't remember any. Except maybe once when I swallowed a nickle, but I'm not real clear on that memory.
Y - your favorite color - Right now it might be a light turquoise, or bold pink colors. Depends on my mood.
Z - zodiac - Pisces baby!!!

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KrisJ said...

OOO that was tons of fun!!! And naaa I wont kill ya Ill just get you back!! hehehehe I agree with T well with the Edward part... just 1 day left woohoo!!

Stacey Jensen said...

I want to order some of those cute hair clips you make. Let me know what to do so I can get some for Syd for school. Man I am so excited about it. Also, I saw the cute Monkey clip holder you made Amy and would love one with a Kangaroo or Disney Princess (preferably Cinderella). You can email me directly at Thanks so much Becki and Kris!!!