Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kylie's Pics are in!!!

All right, so I've had them for a few weeks now. She was very excited to get them back as were we all. We have to approve them and wait a little longer for the prints but I will post a few of them today. This means it is time for her official spotlight too!

Ky is the oldest in our family. She was also the first grandchild for all of her grandparents, needless to say she has been somewhat spoiled for that fact alone. Kylie was the best little baby. She was very quiet and a quick learner. She has been a fairly easy child to raise. Kylie has been on competitive dance teams and plays the violin. She learned the violin very quickly and is a great player. (I didn't have to spend a lot of time cringing at wrong notes) She loves her family so much. And now that she is a little over 5'5" tall and a teenager in every way, she really thinks that she is an adult! (Wait, didn't we all feel that way?) So now my sweet baby knows more than her parents, thinks that she should live with grandma most of the time and is so upset with me right now cause I won't let her go to the Toby Keith concert with friends.

Remember when life was hard?!

She is a huge help at home and is absolutely adored by Ciara. She was just recently sustained as the Beehive class president, and is really excited to serve the girls in her class. She showed a great deal of spiritual maturity as she prayed about who her counselors should be. It was a powerful learning experience for her. Ky has often comforted me since last fall. She can tell when I feel down and likes to write me little letters to help cheer me up. She started writing me letters in Kindergarten, however they weren't always the cheering up kind!!! If she got in trouble for something she would write a letter of how sad she was and throw it down the stairs for me to find. It was often so cute and funny that I couldn't stay mad. A couple years ago she had a class on leadership and learned how to write "persuasive" letters. Needless to say it wasn't long after that that Randy and I received a letter on why she should have a later bed time. It was very persuasive and Randy was completely convinced and agreed to it whole-heartedly. I'm sure that means that class paid off.

We love our little Kylie so much...even though she is not so little anymore. I'm so happy that you are my daughter! Thank you for all the help you give us!

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KrisJ said...

KY you look gorgeous!! That is so much fun! She is a sweetie and we miss her so much! Maddie talks all the time how when she is big like Kylie she will do this and that just like Kylie! We love you to girlie!