Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Computer is BACK!!!

I got it back yesterday afternoon! I am very happy that it works again! I can finally post some pics now.

After Randy came home from Taiwan he immediately went right back to work...that is work on projects around the house. There is a new set of stairs off the back kitchen door, he finished the shed, added rain gutters to the back of the house, started the chimney for the stove, and decided that the kids bathroom needed some updating. Which it really did! So we were off to buy a new toilet and some tile for the floor. We put the kids out of their bathroom for a couple of days and painted the walls, tore out the floor, put in the toilet, installed the tile, replaced the lights, and put in new trim. I got to grout the tile again, but I'm starting to like doing it! (On a small scale) After we finished the floor I think we were both glad that we decided against tile in the kitchen. I love washing tile but I don't think either of us want to install over 400 sf of tile! After the tile was down the next day Randy installed the toilet. It made such a huge difference. There is still some work to be done in there like definitely a new counter top and tub, but all in due time! After I painted the bathroom and had left over paint, Ky decided she liked the color so much that we then painted the green walls in her bedroom turquoise! It does look fun and her room is turning into more of a teen dorm room!

We had a good thunder & lightning storm the other night and Ciara really enjoyed it. She sat in the window listening and watching. Every time there was lightning she would say "wowww", it was just like fireworks. She has even started noticing the stars at night and likes to point them out and tell everyone to "see, see!" She is really starting to talk. She repeats almost everything that we say to her. I changed her crib into the daybed on Sunday and so far it has been great. She takes her naps in there and sleeps in it just great. She even goes to bed and stays in it! I probably shouldn't be so surprised cause she will only sleep in HER bed. I guess that's not a bad thing!

We have finally started getting good, red tomatoes from the garden. They are so yummy and fresh. Hopefully we will be able to start canning salsa in a week or so! I put in a picture of the watermelon we picked last night too. We have 3 of them that grew long instead of round (weird), and more that are round, but this one just seemed so big for our garden. It weighs almost 20 lbs!!! I'm glad that we didn't have to pay 30 something cents for that one.

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KrisJ said...

Im so use to your computer being gone now I keep forgetting to check your blog!! I love love the blue you chose for the bathroom and I think it looks great in Kys room too! The tile looks great and the toilet too!! So much fun! And holy crap that watermellon is crazy! How did it taste?

Kristina and Brady said...

busy bee! I love the updates. Yummy looking watermelon.