Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What Do you Do in the Summer Time Part 2?

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You didn't know there would be two parts did you? Me neither! Well it has been a long 3 1/2 weeks since Randy left and this song was in my head again while taking on a good project while he was gone. Kind of a surprise for him. Randy will be home tomorrow around 3:30 pm and so I can post this now and give him a little warning. Since we have moved into our house last February we have painted every single room in the house except our own bedroom and the hallway... Well I am happy to say MISSION COMPLETED!!! Our bedroom is always the last thing to get done. But I have always felt like your bedroom is your sanctuary. It should be the place you can go to be alone, get some peace and quiet, think, privacy, a place for.... zen! When it comes to our bedroom Randy and I don't always agree on how to decorate. He is very opinionated about all the decorating but more so about our bedroom. If he had it his way our room would be camo! (Hey I didn't say he had good taste!) If I had it my way it would be more feminine. (I like to think that I do have GREAT taste!) So a few months back I started telling him that we needed new bedding. It was time for a change. We also needed to paint the room cause I don't think it was ever painted in the 9 years people have lived here. Primed for sure and if it was painted it was the crappiest white paint you can find. I'm pretty sure it was just primer. Well we couldn't agree on what to do, so I figured neutral would be okay for the walls. I needed to start with some bedding so I started sending him links of pretty bed sets I would find on-line or showing him different ads, and he would show me camo bedding from his outdoor catalogs or ones with elk, deer, whatever. I would then show him sets that were pretty with leaves embroidered on and would point out that it was outdoorsy, leaves ARE outdoors. To no avail!! (sigh) Then one day I found an ad for a bed set that wasn't pretty but wasn't camo! It was outdoorsy like Randy wanted, just in a way neither of us expected. Just in color! Brown, beige, and turquoise. I made my argument that with the super fabulous (crappy) green carpet, it would be like camping in our own room. We would have green vegetation, brown dirt and a beautiful turquoise sky or lake. He said okay and off I went. Then I picked up some paint samples and had to think about them for a little bit and decide what exactly to do~ Here is the final product!

Aaahhhh....My sanctuary at last! I really find it very easy to just hang out there now. Nothing like your own peaceful, space! Uummm, Do I have to share? I am really glad to have it done. And I finished the hallway too! Now if a certain somebody wants to replace that fab, green carpet, I will happily let him! It's a good thing he will be home tomorrow. I need a break!!!

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KrisJ said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I cant believe you did the stripes by yourself! And I love how the words turned out you are so awesome!