Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weasel Invasion

On Tuesday morning Dallin went down to get the kitties out of the window well. (They like to sleep down there.) A few minutes later he came upstairs in a real hurry telling me there is an animal in the basement. He was somewhat frantic and saying that there is a ferret or weasel down there that jumped in the window when he opened it and ran past him really quick. I was sure that it must have been one of the kittens, but he assured me that it wasn't. So I went down to check it out and this little thing is up on one of the beams looking down at us. I couldn't believe it. See every time Randy is out of town there is always some animal incident. Unfortunately it is one of our pets dying and I am stuck with taking care of it. So really, it shouldn't have been so surprising that once again I have an animal problem. At first I thought it must be a ferret as I have never seen a weasel, but I was not sure. So I had to look them up online. The kids kept going down to try and find it and they always did. It would come out of hiding and show itself. However, they now have a very big mess to clean up in the basement. Well I thought it would leave and left a door open for a little while that night thinking it would leave, but no it insisted on hiding as long as the door was open. So yesterday it was still running around down there. Then I realized that we store cat food and dog food down there. Of course it's not going to leave when it can eat all of that. I read that they really prefer poultry and maybe the cats food tasted almost as good?! Once again I opened the door and took the food out of the basement; but still it did not leave. Well this morning I was reading e-mails and Ky was sitting on the couch in the living room when she all of a sudden squealed, "it's up here, it's up here." I said what is and she told me the weasel. How the H E double you know what's did it get up here? I'm not sure. I grabbed Ciara and told the kids to get shoes on so it wouldn't be able to bite their toes. It ran back to Ciara's room and we went back there and it was acting like it wanted out of the window but was running back and forth in the window sill. Meantime Ciara is having a grand ole time watching this and finding it very hilarious! She was laughing so hard while this creature ran a muck. Then it took off out of her room into Dallin's. I tried getting his window open and told Ky to get hers open. I was really hoping it would find an opening and leave! It then took off to the dining room hiding from us and ended up in my room. It climbed into my window sill and then went under my bed. By this time Dal came in with some Lacrosse sticks that Kris bought last week for the boys and handed me one so we could try and trap it in one of the nets. I know this looked as funny and chaotic as it sounds. I opened my window and then went to trying to catch it. It would peek out one side of the bed and then run to the other side and peek out. Finally it went back to the window and started peeking out of it. I tried to push it out with the stick but it ran back in and then went back to the window and peeked out of it like it was thinking about jumping so I once again gave it a push and the thing screamed at me as it went out. I am telling you that the sucker flew too! I'm not kidding but what I saw was the weirdest movement I have seen and cannot possibly describe. But it flew and off it went. PHEW!!!! I was so relieved to have it gone. The kids keep talking about how cute it is though. I say only cute from a distance and not in my home! Oh, and I had called the Sheriff's office to get a hold of animal control to see if they would come and get it ... I now know that I hope I never need them for anything that is important because they didn't answer the phone for several tries. And finally when they did they transferred me to the wildlife division which informed me that they don't do anything about raccoons, rabbits, weasels, squirrels, etc. You are totally on your own! At least it left on it's own; well with a little nudge it did! Check out the pics of our frisky, little friend!

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KrisJ said...

O HOLY CRAP!! What the crap! I cant believe it got upstairs! Good for you for giving it a nudge and omg Im glad it didnt visit while I was hehehe

Stacey Jensen said...

I am so glad I am not the only one who gets uninvited creatures of the wild invading my home. We have had racoons, squirrels, birds, skunks, neighbor's dogs and cats and even some baby ducks that just wandered right in. Best of got photos of the thing. I would have been so freaked out I would have lost my sense to take pictures of the thing. It is fun seeing the crazy little visitor.