Monday, June 9, 2008

Hooray for Nursery!

With Randy gone I will have to try and keep this updated a little more so he can see what is going on at home too! Last week I decided to take Ciara to Nursery. I figured I was going to have to stay with her to help her get use to it until she is 18 months. When I walked in they seemed to be expecting us and told me just to leave her and that she was fine. I asked if I should stay and they said no, just go. I left knowing that it would be 5-10 minutes until they would come and get me. She has never been left with anybody but Ky so I knew she wouldn't want to stay. 10 minutes into RS and I can hear her screaming from the RS room. I thought any minute they will come and get me. Time passed and they never came to get me so I went to check on her. She was still crying and came running as soon as she saw me. I sat with her until she calmed down and played for a few minutes and then they started putting toys away to have their activity and snack time. At that point they took her and pretty much told me to leave. When I picked her up after Sunday School I could tell that she had been crying but not as much. And she was very happy to leave. Later when we went for a walk with Randy I asked her if she liked nursery and she shook her head "NO", then I asked if it was fun and she shook her head "NO", then I asked if she would be good at nursery next week and she shouted "NO!" Too funny! So we walked in to nursery yesterday and they hurried and took her from me and turned away so I could leave. I heard her crying in there for about 15 minutes and by the time RS was over and I peeked in before Sunday School, she was doing okay. Ky picked her up from nursery and brought her to Sacrament and she had one of the dolls from the Nursery room. Apparently she wouldn't let it go the entire time! So they let her take it home. Not to keep of course, but I figured while it is here I am going to give it a good cleaning because it is so dirty! Needless to say she is in the washer now, cause we don't want no stinking babies!!!

I do have to say that I'm glad they are taking her in Nursery now, cause for the first time in countless months I actually get to listen to the lessons!

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KrisJ said...

O big girl!! Kinda sad but yaaa you get a break!