Tuesday, June 10, 2008

All Our Crazy Doings!!!

It's been a crazy few days, but Hey! When is it not, right?! With Randy gone I have to take Ciara & Dallin with Ky and I to her classes in SL. (We don't stay in the class.) I took Ciara's car seat out of the Suburban and put it in the car (save on gas). She hasn't really had to ride in a car ever and we quickly learned that she doesn't like it so much. Yesterday we were ready to leave and started walking out to the car... well Ciara went straight to her side of the Suburban and I said we are going in the car today. Not too bad, she came over to the car and I put her in her seat. She looked around while I was buckling her in and I thought it was okay. That was until we started moving. Ky was in the front seat and Ciara immediately started trying to reach for her so Ky turned around and put her arm back towards Ciara. Ciara took her finger and started pulling it like she was trying to get out of her seat. When she realized Ky wasn't going to help her it turned into short, high pitched, extremely loud screams. OH YEAH!!! That lasted almost the whole trip up! Oh, and the whole trip home. I kept thinking these are the kind of screams that she will end up with no voice and a sore throat in no time. But I guess not! It never got any quieter. The whole scenario was repeated tonight. I'm glad we are done for the week. We did find out that Ky's pics will be done by Thursday so I will have them up next week sometime! I can't wait to see them.

Tonight the Ky & Dal are having a good time making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I am so impressed how well they are getting along. Nothing like food to bring them together! I enjoy these FEW, precious, quiet moments!!!
We are in the process of finishing everything up for the craft fair this weekend. I am excited and nervous and wondering if I am anywhere near being ready for this! I think it will be fun though. Kristine shipped her stuff out to me so I could finish stuff up here. Everything looks so great! She has made some really pretty, minky baby blankets. They are so soft! I knew I would have to keep them away from Ciara, but while I was putting the tags on them Ciara came over and had to touch. They are so incredibly soft, and she was petting them and kept saying soft, soft, soft! It was really cute, but then she went to take one of them and I said they were not hers...oh boy! That was not what she wanted to hear. Every once in awhile she will still go by them and point and say soft! It is cute! She knows what she likes. You can see in the picture slide show some of the stuff we will have there. I have a few things to finish getting together for the booth, but other than that I think we are ready. Well at least until we get there and figure out we aren't ready!!! LOL
Randy got into Taiwan safely Monday morning at 7:30 our time or 9:30 pm Taiwan time. Talk about jet lag! He says he just needs to catch up on sleep because he couldn't fall asleep on the plane. I tried telling him to take some sleeping pills I have, but he said "I can sleep anywhere." GUESS NOT! I know I was surprised by that too! His first words about Taiwan...HOT! It was dark and after going without sleep for over 24 hours, nothing else stood out to him yet. They are 14 hours ahead of us there so we are pretty much on opposite schedules now. It is a good thing he decided to start liking Asian food a couple years ago, cause that's all he is eating now! I do miss him and can't wait for 21 more days to go by! SHOOT; I guess I might have to read those dang Edward books again to keep me occupied!!!

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KrisJ said...

Ya Im so excited! I hope our stuff sales well! So cute seeing the kids making cookies, Im gonna make them make them for me next time I come out! And Ciara can have any of those blankets she wants, I think the giraffe one would be especially cute with her spunky tude!