Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fresh From the Garden

I was so excited to go out to the garden last night and find that I all ready have stuff that we can eat. We are big salad eaters in our house and so part of my garden is the salad garden. All of the greens in this salad are from our garden and the radishes are too!!! I don't have tomatoes or cucumbers yet so these are from the store. I really enjoy our garden; especially eating from it! It makes you feel good when you can say "I did this!" I have never grown lettuce before so this is new, but it was soooo yummy and crisp. Fresh garden food beats the produce department hands down anyday!

Kris and the kids just left today, they got here on Friday afternoon! I loved having them around and I think Ky, Dal, and Ciara did too. We had a lot of fun with them here. The boys played almost non-stop. Maddie loves hanging around with Kylie and following her all over. She also is a big helper with Ciara. She picks up everything that Ciara throws down. I think Ciara really likes that too! And it is so cute hearing Ciara trying to say their names. She really is starting to copy words a lot more. We went to IKEA on Monday night and of course had to pick up some stuff; is it possible to walk in there and walk out with nothing?! (I hope not!) I picked up a fun little chair for Ciara to play on for outside. This $12 chair is awesome. She drags it everywhere; it is almost as great as her babies.

She really likes the chair! It is great and bad all at the same time. She has figured out how to carry and drag it do different places to get into cupboards or on top of them to try and get things. Which means that my knife block is now on top of the fridge to keep tiny fingers attached to hands. But it does keep quite entertained so we'll keep it!

So thanks Kris for coming out and staying with us! I really had a great time and you are welcome to come back tomorrow. Oh, and thanks Rich for giving up your family for awhile! You and your thumb are the best!!!

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KrisJ said...

We had a BLAST!! Thank you so much for letting us hang out forever! I know my kiddos loved it to and Im sure they would be up for coming right back, Maddie and Kaden decided on the way home that we should come back in 2 weeks LOL I love that chair and I saw yesterday morning that it was gonna be trouble when Ciara found the snack cabinet! HEHE have fun with that!

Kristina & Brady said...

Yum! I love lettuce from the garden. I am so jealous- we don't have a garden this year. In our new apartment there isn't a place to have one-boo! Next time you are up this way give me a call. I would love to hang out with you. I am glad you got to hang out with your sister-she is so adorable. I love the chair too. Kids are so mischievous--i love it!