Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's Day Randy!!!

We technically celebrated Father's day before Randy left so he could still have a special day. (Not that he doesn't deserve a special day every day.) So while he is far away on this day we still want to remember how special he is. So here is what the kids love about Randy!

Kylie: He takes us camping!
He is very funny!
He loves us like his own kids!
He is really fun to be around!

Dallin: He taught me how to use guns & my bow safely!
He takes us swimming!
He is a great dad!

Ciara: (If she could tell us it would sound like this.)

He gives me candy, otter pops, candy, chocolate, candy!
He lets me do whatever I want!
He is a funny dancer!
He gives me big hugs!

Randy, you really are awesome! We love you so much and miss you like crazy. I'm very thankful that you are my hubby and such a great father, and that your love is so unconditional. We are lucky to have you!


This is the Fathers day card that Ciara "made" in Nursery today! I'd like to say that the candy will still be here when you get home ... but I can't promise anything!!! he he he

It reads: Dear Pop,

"Wow" you are such a great Dad! You bring so much "joy" to my life. Even when I fall down and take a "crunch" you are always there for me. You are worth more than a "100 Grand"!!!

Love, Ciarra (sp)

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Kristina & Brady said...

Happy Fathers Day Randy! Becki I am SO sad--i didn't know you were going to be down at art city days-- i am so bummed! How is your business going? You have such cute things--you are so crafty