Friday, April 24, 2009


I haven't been much for blogging lately I've noticed. I got busy with school and I have felt like I am out of the loop. The last few months I felt like I was watching everything happen from outside and that I wasn't part of it. It's all catching up to me now.
March was a hectic month. It started off crazy and ended just the same and everyday in between was crazy too. Poor Dal ended up suspended from school, which turned into the rest of the year suspension. (Kids don't take a pocket knife to school. It is VERY bad!) He felt like he needed it to protect his classmates in case of a lock down. Ciara was sick the first half of the month. Every time I thought she was getting better, it would come back. Finally we figured out she had an ear infection when one of her drums popped. Poor little bug never even complained about her ears hurting. Ky also ended up with 2 days of in-school suspension, because her teacher let her and her friend out of class early to get on the bus and then told his wife (a school administrator) and turns out it was sluffing. The kids and I went out to Colorado at the end of the month and after 10 hours of driving we were stuck in Rawlins, WY. We had to spend the night there and while Randy was at work he learned that it was his last week working as layoffs came around. We had fun for the very short time we were in Colorado with Kris and the kids. Kris and I even made a bunch of flower clips that are so stinkin' cute!
April has been a bit better, and it's been that time to really reflect on our blessings. Randy is looking for work and I finished school 2 weeks ago and passed my state boards last week. I am now officially waiting for my license. (comes in the mail?!) I am very glad to be done and excited to do something with it. I still feel like I need some more practice as it was hard to get nail clients at school with the hair girls doing the scheduling. Needless to say I got a lot of practice doing pedicures!!! LOL But since I am done and love doing glitter toes I am doing those and doing glitter toe parties if anybody is interested.
Here is how a party works ...
Hostess gets a free set when she has 5 people come and get toes done!!! Simple, and they are just $20/set!!! The glitter toes are basically gel toes with glitter and they last anywhere from 3-8 weeks. 3-4 weeks is about the time you like to have them off since you can see where the nail is growing out. But I have had some people who kept theirs on for 8 weeks.
We have really enjoyed the sunshine this week and have loved the moisture as it has made our grass the most beautiful green!!!! LOVE IT! Of course this weekend isn't looking so sunny, but it's about time for some more rain ... I can put off watering my lawn a little longer!

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