Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I have been the biggest blog slacker! But to my defense my hubby is still unemployed and at home! It's hard to blog when he is home. But I take pictures with the intention of blogging, but never get around to blogging. So here we go ... a quick run down of our past month or just pics I have taken for fun!!!
Ciara imitating Dad!

This was actually funny ... dad was tilling the garden area and Ciara is terrified of the tiller. So as far away from the tiller as she could get she pretended her wheelbarrow was a tiller and would "follow" dad's direction. She was a lot faster than he was!

2 Otter Pop Buddies!!!

Ciara copying big brother!

Lots of Loves for Dallin!!!

Ciara hangin' with the big girls!

Mom's big helper!

That ugly floor is now gone and now looks like this

Mom's other big helper!

After loads of welcome rain we found a frog at the bottom of the outdoor stairs to the basement, it was pretty cool looking and it's eyes would change colors with it's skin.

And the best part of our month was going to Colorado for a very special sealing of Malia to her parents at the Denver, CO Temple. We got to spend lots of time with family and I even got to do a bunch of toes while I was there. It was a great week!!!

School is also out now and some people got their yearbooks signed, but Ky had to get more than that signed ...

I'm really glad that the rest of the signing happened in the yearbook!

Well, I think I've redeemed myself a little bit. This looks like a long post but hey, at least it's mostly pics!!!