Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Dallin turned 12 earlier this month. He as very excited for his birthday and nervous at the same time. He knew that turning 12 was a big deal because now he could receive the Aaronic Priesthood and that it brings about some very important responsibilities. Well he was ordained to the priesthood in the class of Deacon on Sunday, September 13th by Randy. It was a very special day and I asked him how he felt afterwards and he said that he felt as though some weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. I think that it is wonderful that was the feeling that he had, that he felt his Heavenly Father helping him. It is an awesome feeling to be in our home now and having 2 priesthood holders. I sure love my little man and I am so happy for him and sad that he won't be my little man forever.
The kids are doing great in school. They are enjoying it a lot even though the bus ride is long for them. This week is spirit week for homecoming, and they are having a lot of fun participating in all of the activities. Kylie is loving HS. She likes going to the football games, STOMP, and all of her classes. She most of her teachers are weird, but I just have to remind her that she says that about all adults who have rules or have to ask her not to be so chatty!!!! I can hardly believe how big my kids are getting. I am very blessed to have such GREAT kids! (Okay, I don't always feel that way, but most of the time I do.)
Randy is still in job search mode. He is at an interview now (that's why I get to blog!) and he has been looking forward to this interview for 2 weeks now. That's how long ago they called to schedule it. Plus while he has been gone I got a phone call from another company that would like to schedule an interview also. It has been a long 5 1/2 months with him home. We have been incredibly blessed during this time. Maybe that is why my blog has been soooo neglected.
Our little Ciara is growing like crazy. I don't think she is so short anymore, and she definitely isn't short of words or personality. She has my sass, Randy's dance moves, Ky's defiance, and Dal's tender heart.
I have been working at DIVAS salon 2-3 days a week. It has been fun being out working again and I love what I do. Now if business would just pick up, I don't like just sitting there. Thanks to some friends however, we have had some fun toe parties! Now some friends in town and I have just started a dinner group, we each take turns making meals for the group every week ... so now I am looking for fun, new recipes to try!

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KrisJ said...

You blogged!! Wheres the pics lady?? LOL Im glad Dal had a good b-day!! Miss you! Ill be praying Randy gets that job and next time he is OUT call me chicky!!

Stacey Jensen said...

I hate that our little guy is not so little anymore!!! Love you guys and miss you so much.

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Dallin! I'm glad to hear that the kids are enjoying school, and GOOD LUCK Randy...and Becki!