Thursday, March 18, 2010

HOLY ....

I just logged on to our blog ... and it has been a long time! I couldn't believe that there was still a Christmas background & banner on there. That's embarrassing ... especially cause so much has happened since Christmas!
I'm going to be brief cause it is late, and I'll try to cover more later. It should be easier to keep up on our blog because our biggest and best change is ....
Was that a little too excited?
He started in the middle of February out in Dugway. Yes it is quite a drive but he is really enjoying it. Especially when he gets to track the bombers! But once again it is a job that I couldn't really tell you what he does cause to me it gets a little blah blah blah boring. I don't understand most of the things he is talking about, but who cares? We are just happy he is working!
Kylie started ballroom in January at her school and she is loving it and is doing pretty good at it too! Both she and Dallin did awesome this last quarter, but that usually goes without saying. I wish I enjoyed school as much as they do. They are both going to be playing ball this spring and I was quite surprised that Ky wanted too, but at least they will be busy for part of the summer.
YW is still keeping me very busy. We just had our Gold & Green Ball last night! Does anybody remember those? I do and we always had so much fun at them and nobody out here had even heard of them except for the older people in our ward. As it turns out it use to be bigger than PROM, they even had G&G Ball King & Queen! LOL So I thought it would be fun to have one. It was a 50's theme and we all had so much fun! It did consume the majority of my week, so I am glad there won't be another one for awhile!!!
Well that's the short of the long ... for now!