Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today we had Hyatt over to our house while his momma was working, and I enjoyed it so much! It made the morning so nice. He and Ciara just played and played and I was able to get so much done with very little interruptions, like getting all the wood floors clean in the front room and kitchen, and the kitchen sink, laundry, and a good cleaning for the stove top. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I cleaned the floors on a day that it was snowing and raining but nonetheless it was nice being able to do it!!! (yes I do get excited about cleaning floors)
After lunch the kids went down to the basement and came back with this little basket which Ciara quickly filled with her little silverware, dishes, and a frog, and an umbrella. While she was getting these Hyatt grabbed his blanket and started laying it out and put the basket on the blanket. It looked like they were having a picnic so I grabbed them some snacks to put in the basket also.

Then they needed the umbrella ....

Seriously cute!!!

After snacks and Ciara pouring water on Hyatt they needed to play games.
I guess if you are 3 Connect Four is a lot more fun if you put the pieces in a paint roller, which they brought up from the basement also.
It was a lot of fun, they laughed almost the whole time!

Checking out the snow falling outside. Yep, that window is open thanks to the incredibly warm fire in the stove.

And after all of this fun they grabbed some pillows, their blankets, and took a nap under the umbrella.

If only they would've really slept. :)

All of this definitely had the makings of a date ... meal, playing, and then rest!!!

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KrisJ said...

Becki that is 2 posts in 1 week!!! LOVE IT!! Thats so cute, I love when the kids are able to play so that you can get stuff done! And Ciara is looking very skinny.. as usuall but really those leggings.. she needs to double up on them!

Stacey Jensen said...

That is so sweet. Love that age of innocence and trust. They are so adorable.

Kristina Curtis said...

oh my that is the cutest ever! i absolutely love the shot of their backs looking out the window. children are so sweet.