Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Okay I know I am getting old, but this is really bad!!! I thought I posted this video a couple days ago .... turns out I didn't finish doing it though and I didn't remember until Randy was looking to see if I had updated the blog yet today. There is my DUH moment of the week. You can't really see Dal in the video cause he is in the middle and I didn't even know he was dancing yet because I was busy watching the Hip Hop Company dance. It's too bad you can't really see him either because he does the pose thing at the end really well! I've said it before but Dal just really pulls the hip hop thing off well.
The kids are on their fall break now, it just started today. I'm not sure how we are going to fill the time as Randy is working his normal days off this week. Kylie had a track meet today up in Park City and improved her time by 5 minutes over her last meet. She really enjoyed it today too! She doesn't like running the hills however. Now the rest of the month and the beginning of next month will be very busy for her. She is performing with her Ballroom Company in their school performance of CATS. She has 3 different routines for it and lots of extra practices. So for any who feel like it could be fun watching a school performance of a Broadway show, let us know and I'll give you more info on it. The performances run November 3rd-11th. We will even welcome our out-of-town family members!!!!

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KrisJ said...

YEAH KYLIE!!! That is an awesome improvement!! I totally want to come I gotta see if I can make it work!

Kristina Curtis said...

I would love to come!! give me more info.