Monday, December 13, 2010


I have shared some of our gratitude's, and have talked a little about how our gratitude journal has changed our attitudes a little here on the home-front. But last week it was something weighing heavily on my mind. I have all sorts of thoughts on my own attitude through out my life. I (like everyone) have had the type of experiences that can change your attitude and in the eyes of the world, would think that it is okay to have a bad attitude. Now don't get me wrong ... I have definitely had a crappy attitude more often then not, however I have been fortunate enough to have lessons that help me not to continue that way. I don't think of myself as some picked on person but I have had days that I would like to throw a really big Pity Becki Party! Doesn't sound like fun though does it. Well lately I have realized how blessed I am to have my siblings. They have been a huge part of my attitude lately and helping me to stay positive. We have teased my brother Steve about being "preacher Steve" because he has become so excited about all that he is learning about the gospel over the past couple of years that every time he calls he tells us what he has learned. It's funny though because I will be having a bad day, where I sit and stew over things getting more & more upset and then the phone rings. I kid you not it is always my brother .... and he always calls and says I was thinking about you the last couple of days I learned .... and realized that you are .... how you have .... He doesn't even know what I am thinking or doing but somehow knows what I need to hear. Then there is my sister Kris who will let me unload anything I need to say. She is understanding, patient, and honest! I am so grateful to have siblings who help lift me up when I need it. It's hard to think of them that way because I am the oldest and have always felt like I need to be there for them more then they should be for me. But it is such a great blessing to have them! All of this has helped me realize that our Heavenly Father really does not want us to think negatively of ourselves or others, He doesn't make you have a bad attitude ... He wants us to really be happy, no matter what! So here is a thought for my readers ....
Are you the Lord's instrument in helping others or do you bring others down?
Do you allow others to help you or do you refuse others kindness?
Our attitudes reflect who we are ... and with that in mind I hope my attitude reflects happiness, kindness, and something to be desired.
Now with that said, let me tell ya I am so glad that tonight was the last night of school performances for the rest of the year! The kids school does the "Spirit of Christmas" every year and it is performed on 4 nights. Both Ky & Dal performed in the show. Dal performed in the pre-show on Friday with his hip-hop group and tonight with his guitar class; and Ky performed every night with her ballroom company. It is a great show, it involves symphonies, bands, choirs, and dance groups. And they all perform together ... it's AWESOME!!! I am in the process of getting the videos uploaded, but it's still showing over 200 minutes to go. So they'll be on here another day!

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KrisJ said...

Well thanks for making me cry! Just so you know you were always there for us and still are, you took care of us, watched us and protected us through out our lives so if we are able to step up and help you out a little well then I am grateful for that because you deserve the should.. and quite frankly you do deserve a pity party with all you have had to deal with and put up with!
Love ya lots!!!