Friday, March 18, 2011


Hopefully you haven't all given up hope on me. A couple of months ago our desktop quit working and had a mishap. We have a laptop but I was not able to get onto blogger for some reason. I couldn't look at any blogs nor could I look at mine or log on .... nada! Today I finally tried downloading some updates and woola ..... I can now get back on!!!!!
So instead of boring you all with lots of details of the past few months, I'll give you the short of the long.
Randy was laid off at the beginning of January. His job was temporary however while he covered for a guy who was serving with the guard in Afghanistan. He is now looking for another job. He made some good contacts while at this last job however with some possibilities.
We had some awesome :( snow storms that had us shoveling for hours at a time. I started going to Zumba classes with my friend Maquel and quickly became addicted and loving it even more then doing it at home. Ciara started dance and loves it. She has natural rhythm and is a lot of fun to watch. We don't get to watch them when they dance at class until later in the spring, but at home she has a dance for every song that comes on.
We had a couple baptisms we attended in February. One was for Randy's niece Hailee and the other was our friend's daughter, Aspyn. They happened on the same day which made it a little busy, but we were very grateful to be able to share that special day with some very special girls.
Randy and I both celebrated our birthdays during February. It's gotten to the point where we don't get very excited ... what's another year at this point anyway?! I did get to shovel a good amount of snow on my birthday which just helped me remember it really is just another day.
Nothing to exciting to report for this one. I did get a new job working for a Pediatrician's office in Payson as a PRN receptionist. I really enjoy the people there and the work, so far it has been a lot of fun! However after my first day of work Randy & I separated. I was more appreciative of the job as it has kept me busy and hasn't allowed for too much time to think. I'm not going to bash on the situation at all, because I still have hope. Hope for something better to come of all this. I have said before that this is my therapy ... the blog. So here I am trying not to pour out all of my heart into this right now. It has been a very lonely couple of weeks and I miss Randy a lot. There has been several times that I have thought, "if only Randy were here." Ciara had a really hard time for about the first week. She would cry every time I would leave or even if I went into another room. She was afraid that I wasn't coming back. She even had me sleep with her. She has gotten better though and doesn't break down nearly as much. If only we could peak into the crystal ball once in awhile and see where the light will begin to shine.
I am grateful for my family & for our good friends who have been here for the kids & I and for all of the support we have received. It's always good to know that there are people who really care about others.
We are eager for Spring to get here and for spring break in just a few short weeks. We no longer have plans for it, but it will be nice to have a break. I'm sure we will try to get out and enjoy the sunshine ... so here's hoping that it shines!!!
Now that we are up & running be sure to come check us out and see what we are up to!!!! :)