Sunday, January 20, 2008

Our Background & then some!

A little sliding fun on the blanket!
He knows he is all that!
And so does he!
Our two Princesses!

Our family story began a little over 4 years ago. I was recently divorced and was set up by my brother with his best friend. (Does best friend seem like a weird term for guys?) Anyhoo, I was quite nervous about what kind of guy he would be, after all he is my brothers friend. And I said that I would NEVER date anyone from Delta, UT. I didn't think great guys came from the middle of nowhere. My first impression however was not bad, not bad at all. This guy was actually cute and even with his slight drawl he could even speak coherently and was fun to be with. So our one date turned into a marriage about a year and a half later.

I had 2 wonderful and fun kids before Randy. Kylie & Dallin are really great kids and when they want to be they are good helpers too. They look up to Randy so much that right after our honeymoon they started calling him "Dad"! We have since added to our family and now have Ciara who just turned 1. She really keeps me running, no really... actual running. She started walking a few weeks before her birthday, but she had been crawling and climbingfor about 4 months. She does like to climb and like other little tykes get into drawers or cupboards just to make messes.

So we are blessed with 3 wonderful kids and one very special angel. They all bring me great joy! Oh, I almost forgot our dog, OTTO. I will probably share stories about him too because he and Ciara like to tease each other a lot! All part of the craziness here! Besides, all great stories have to include a dog!

Welcome to our BLOG!

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KrisJ said...

YEAH!!! Im so excited Im literally clapping that you FINALLY started your blog!!! The pictures are super cute BUT dont forget to include yourself in a few! LOVE YOU

Elizabeth said...

YEAH for you! So excited you have joined the blog world! I too am new to this..:) Love the pics!