Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Time to eat or play?

We all know how fun it can be to get our munchkins to eat. Ciara is no different, except that it is not about the food. She eats everything that we give to her. Today I decided to give her some kool-aid. That was like the greatest treat yet for her. I know now though that I can't give it to her until after her food is gone because she would not stop drinking it. I have also started putting her food on her own plate at lunch time and letting her eat from that however this is when it turns into game time. She doesn't like her food on her plate, so she takes it off and places the food on the table. The plate then becomes her toy, either being thrown to the floor or in today's case it became a head piece. She thought that was great, but it doesn't stay on so great when she tries to drink. It is so fun to watch her enjoy her mealtime. And I won't complain to much about the mess since atleast she eats what is on the plate, oh, I mean table!

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