Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Randy!!!

Today is Randy's b-day! He is a big 3-1. Unfortunately he is in Montana again this week learning new stuff on their tools....ugh! It makes it kinda hard to make the day special, so I decided to grout the tile wall so he doesn't have to when he comes home. Wow, it looks good too! I am so impressed. It is always different when Randy is gone, but I can sure get a lot done. I still want you to come home don't get any ideas of staying longer.

I sure am grateful for all that you do for our family. Life just wouldn't be as interesting without you. Thanks for being such a good worker, weird, hubby, and goofy dad! I hope that you have a good b-day even though you are away... We love you so much!

2 Say Something:

Kristina & Brady said...

Happy birthday Randy!! I love the family picture...really cute idea!

KrisJ said...

Happy birthday Randy! Even though you werent around to call and bug ya I hope you had a great day and maybe found some cake for desert!