Friday, February 8, 2008


Well I found the USB, I had put it in a drawer where Ciara couldn't reach it and I couldn't find it. LOL! Isn't that the way it goes. So I put some pics on of Ciara. I have the hardest time getting a good pic of her. She has what I call URS or Uncle Roger Syndrome. You know what I am talking about? There are those people who never have a bad picture and there are those who just can't get a good one. Eyes closed, squinted, hands in the face, finger up the nose?! Okay, well I've never seen a pic with Roger and his finger in his nose but every picture we have of Roger is closed eyes! It takes atleast 15 pictures of Ciara to get one where she doesn't look like she's had a little too much to drink. She doesn't sit still long enough when she is being so cute and she likes to try and see the picture after it is taken. Then again it could all be the photographer, but I'll just blame it on the super, slow camera!!! OH, take note of the bib! She has decided that she likes to wear the bib all the time. After she gets dressed she gets a bib and brings it to me to put on and doesn't want it to come off. Last night she even wanted one of Kylie's necklaces on. It was really cute!

I've been trying to get some pics of our nightly routine with her. She is soo much fun at night before bed. After dinner we usually go in her room to play. And she likes to play... IN the toybox, IN the basket, and ON her activity tables. She really likes "ring around the rosies" and "head, shoulders, knees and toes." She has really started loving her baby and animals too. She has to go to bed with her doll and brings her out for breakfast every morning too. the time flies. Just yesterday she was so still and learning how to smile and now? Well you know how it goes!

We would like to send a congrats out to Roger and Melanie. They are expecting their 5th child in June and just found out that this one is a boy... their 2nd! Yeah for Jaxon!

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KrisJ said...

OOO her pics are adorable and Im so glad you FINALLY posted again! Lady I check it every day... does that put pressure on you?? HAHAHA

Kristina & Brady said...

lol!! that makes me laugh! Oh how i love her little button nose! She is just TOO cute. I can't belive how big she is!
I have to agree with Kris I love to look at your blog too. We want to see more!!