Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Have you all read the "Christmas Box" by Richard Paul Evans? It is a fabulous story with a wonderful message. I first read the book years ago when it was new and read it at least once a year (usually around Christmas). I love the message but now it has new meaning for our family. The book talks about a statue of a angel child in a cemetery in Salt Lake. This angel actually exists there, the original was destroyed after a flood, but after the book it was built again and placed in the cemetery. This angel is dedicated to all parents who have lost a child. They have since built more and have had them placed at cemeteries all over the world. The one closest to us is in Baby Land at the Spanish Fork Cemetery.

Each year on December 6th at each of these statues there are services held for anybody who has lost a child. We attended it last year while our wounds were still fresh and did it again this year. It will be our family tradition for a long time I'm sure. It is nice to be able to go there and have others there that know and understand your feelings of loss and to just remember. There is always a speaker, a musical number, candle lighting and moment of silence, and then we each place a flower on and around the angel. It is a beautiful and peaceful ceremony. If you are aware of others who have lost a child I would recommend that you share this with them. Click here to find a location near you.

Also on Saturday we did some family pics. I have a friend who has an awesome talent of photography so we had her come to our town to take some pics. We don't very often look at our town and think it's pretty, actually I don't think anybody has ever thought that, but it does make for a great back drop for pictures. Especially if you like old, outdoors, and farm kind of stuff. As you know Ciara isn't picture friendly and Saturday was no different, but I have gotten to see a few of the pics and they are FABULOUS!!! Yes I really said fabulous! Here are a few of them.

All right, so anybody else wanting some awesome pictures too?

Here is where you need to go...

Kristina Curtis Photography

You can see some of her other work there as well. It is all really great!!! And pricing is really great too!

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KrisJ said...

OMG could you just melt they are so sweet! I cant believe she captured those sweet innocent pics of little miss! I MUST have that pic of her on the teeter totter.. seriously cant spell that lol!

Stacey Jensen said...

The photos are amazing. I just cannot get over how amazing the kiddos look. They are so big. My heart breaks that they are so big so soon. That means I am old. Ky is sure tall and Dal is right behind her. Look out, we have tall kids for sure.

Kristina said...

I love the way these turned out! Thank you for letting me take your photos! we need to get together again and play!