Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The other day Ciara was playing in the living room and all of a sudden started doing her "scared" thing. She wouldn't step on the rug where the fish is because she said it was HOT! She wouldn't touch it and was doing her little fakey cry because it was hot. So she went and got her Tinkerbell doll and made Tink touch the fish and then hugged her and said "hot fish!" It was really quite funny. She is okay with the fish on the rug now, but last night she and Randy were looking at a fish book and she pointed at one of the fish and said it was hot. I'm really not sure where this all came from. We haven't eaten any fish and we don't even own any live fish!

After I tried taking a picture of the whole fish thing, she decided to actually pose for pictures of her and Tink!!!

Saturday the young men and young women went and did baptisms for the dead at the Provo Temple. We had a really great time!!! The baptism area was very busy so they only got to do 2 names each, but still enjoyed it a lot. Afterwards we went and got a bite to eat. It was fun getting to spend some time with them outside of church.

Last Friday I registered over at the MATC in Spanish Fork for their Nail Tech class. Figured I better do something since after the 10th of February I won't be able to legally sell my hair bows anymore! (CPSIA) : ( This is actually a good thing though and I am very excited because I have wanted to do nails for quite awhile and once I finish it allows for flexible scheduling compared to working in an office. So let me know if you want to be my guinea pig ... oh I mean let me practice on you!!!

On a final note .... my friend Kristina (she did our family pictures), is running a special promo and contest so get over to her website and book an appointment if you want some fantastic pictures done!
I love looking at our pics that she did for us and I get many compliments on them! And it's not just the great looking people in them. They are just great photos and we will be using her from now on for all of our pics!

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Stacey Jensen said...

Sounds like you are busy as always. I am really excited for you to do nails. Wish I lived closer and I would totally have you do mine. I am going to come down to Laurie's tonight and take Zack back to Primary Children's tomorrow. You can call me if you want to 201-1741. Let me know if you need the area code. Love you guys.

Kristina Curtis said...


Becki said...

There was a law passed that says all things being sold that are intended for children under 12 years old has to have lead testing done on each different item. It's a very expensive test and if you get caught selling it without the test the fine is $200,000. They did end up putting a "stay" on the law for 1 year last week. So now I can keep selling them but I already signed up for the class so this will be fun too. I'm way excited and having fun and we can totally trade!!!! I'll be needing models for different things so let me know if you are interested. I just learned the glitter toes last night!