Monday, May 30, 2011


Ciara finally got her hard cast on this past Monday. She didn't mind getting it on but the first couple of days was a little irritating to her because she couldn't take it off like we could the other one. Of course she had to have pink!!! It's her favorite color but orange has been creeping in as a favorite the last couple of weeks. Last night she told me that she had to sleep in my bed because she couldn't sleep in hers since it is not orange or pink. It does have orange & pink on it but apparently she thinks it should be all over pink or orange. Lucky for her the back side of the comforter IS solid pink so I turned it over for her. Now she calls her bedroom the "pink room".

She has gathered more signatures for her cast, but this was the first one!

The kids had a pretty boring weekend since I have worked the whole thing. But we managed to make a quick trip to the cemetery on Sunday. And of course it was windy, cold, and soggy!!!
Yet still beautiful :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Let me start with this ... I am very upset (said in nice words)!!! If you don't think you will like what I have to write DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!

I found out yesterday that without a doubt I have spent the last 6 years and then some being lied to on a daily basis. You all know that I have been separated for nearly 3 months. I thought there was still a good chance it would work out eventually. Randy and I have been talking the last couple of weeks and more then once I told him he could think about coming home. This didn't have to be permanent. We even went to dinner on Friday after Ciara's recital. It was great, he was friendly & fun, I was enjoying the conversation so much that it hurt to have him leave. I told him he needed to come home it would be so much better then him living out of the suburban and he is on a waiting list several months long to move into a barrack on base where he started working. It's not even permanent housing, he can only stay there on the days he works. Yesterday we were talking again and I asked him if he'd thought about it and he said yes but wasn't sure .... then he decided to give a girl a call that he thinks he has been in love with for more than 15 years. He wanted her to tell him the truth as to whether or not she loved him. Now mind you they never dated, and supposedly nothing has ever gone on between them except for what he was wishing for. Well needless to say she told him that she did not love him, never had! This is what his reservations about coming home were all about ... what if he had a chance with somebody better. Somebody that left her family over a year ago and has never sought him out. THIS is what my whole marriage, last 6 years, comes to an end for!!! NOTHING ... a BIG FAT NOTHING. I told you I was upset & hurt beyond anything I thought possible. It makes me so mad that Satan can so easily put thoughts into people's minds, get them to do stupid things, and tear families apart. What are his consequences? According to Randy that now he has a broken heart & I should understand how he feels. That's it! He gets a free place to stay at his grandparents with no responsibilities, nobody that questions his motives, or ask him what is going on. He's been partying over the past 3 months and living so carefree and his worst consequence is that his heart is broken!!! I know there are more but right now he doesn't even recognize that. He doesn't even feel bad that this is happening. In fact he told me that today he is just out enjoying the sunshine and that it is so nice! Normally I can be pretty rational but right now I am having a very hard time doing that. I just feel a lot of anger & betrayal. I just don't understand ....

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Ciara has been taking a creative movement class just through the recreation department this year and they decided to have a Spring Showcase last Friday. It was really cute ... her teacher told a story while they acted it out about little baby dinosaurs; starting from the eggs. I haven't included all the pics because I took quite a few!

First they had to wiggle around in their eggs & break out of them. Then they had to stand & stretch.

And then they started to move around in different kinds of shapes.

You can see that she isn't the only one with a broken arm.

Then when they were tired after playing & moving all day they laid down to go to sleep.

Ciara's Dad came to watch!

Ky didn't make it because she was not home yet from her end of the year stuff with school. But Dal & I enjoyed the show quite a bit.

Only minutes before the show she came up to me and said that she didn't want to do the performance because of her broken arm. But then she remembered she wasn't the only one and happily went and danced!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Ciara is keeping me on my toes lately ... well maybe a little more than normal! Last Friday she wanted to help me while I was doing yard work and so I let her help cut weeds that were growing through the fence. She was doing a really good job too, she was bringing me weeds that she had cut and I thought she was doing great! Then a few minutes later she comes to me and tells me to look at her beautiful hair! I had been thinking about cutting her hair because it is so fine and tangles so easily, but never, ever, ever would I have had it cut into a mullett! haha I was very calm and told her that we would now have to cut it short and her reply was, "I don't want to look like a boy." Oh my goodness! I just want to laugh every time I see this pic because this is almost a perfect 80's mullett sweety! :)

Needless to say I did give her a cut and did the best we could at blending it all in and now she has bangs to hide what was way too short to blend; and she is still pretty dang cute!!! Every day she does let me know that her hair is growing.

Then Sunday evening rolled around and she fell off the trampoline. Her arm was a little swollen and it hurt, but with an ice pack the swelling went down and tylenol seemed to help the pain. She could bend her arm and move it around as well as her hand and fingers. I thought that she would probably be okay, until later that night while we were trying to sleep. She would wake up every couple of hours and would say that her arm was hurting. I took her into the Dr. and he said that it could possibly be broken in her elbow since that is where the pain was located and that they are hard breaks to find, so we headed to radiology for x-rays. Sure enough she has a broken arm, just above her elbow joint, but so far we lucked out and I feel very blessed that she doesn't have to have surgery ... as long as she doesn't hurt it more, and so we are being very careful with it. They will put a hard cast on it next week and then she will spend the next 4-6 weeks casted up. Just in time for summer :(

She is quickly adapting to the changes and has learned how to use her one free hand and mouth to work together to take the cap off of her push pop so she can eat it. It's fun watching her try to figure things out, and it can be quite amazing. She hasn't let it stop her or slow her down. I am glad the weather is gloomy right now because I can easily keep her in the house and off of the tramp, swings, bike, and scooter!

We went to Ky's dance concert Friday night and once again I really enjoyed all of the talent those kids offer. The concert was a lot of fun. I wasn't paying attention to my settings for recording Ky's dance and I am pretty bumbed about it, but if you look really close, she starts out in the back and quickly comes to the front corner. And by looking really close ... I mean you probably better grab the magnifying glass! :)

Ky's Lindy Hop

Sunday, May 8, 2011



I am very grateful to be a Mom, it is a huge blessing in my life! I am so thankful that I have been entrusted with 3 beautiful children here on earth and one very special angel. I am grateful for my own mom who taught me so much as a child how to do very basic things like cooking, cleaning, decorating, and so much more. I am also thankful that she taught us how to love and raised me in the gospel that now guides me in all I do, even as a mother. I have been very fortunate in my life to have been touched by many special women in my life and to have so many examples to look up to and learn from. The list is long but I'll keep it short and general .... my sister, sister-in-laws, mother-in-law, grandmothers, aunts, friends, leaders, co-workers, teachers, & more! I hope each of you have a wonderful Mothers Day!

We have had such wonderful weather this last week ... it was awesome! I received a great sunburn on Monday while mowing the back yard. We finally got to pull out Ciara's swimming pool and YES she was very excited and quickly learned that it was still a little cool for it. But she went ahead and played in it anyways several days this week. Dallin was sure that it was warm enough to sleep on the trampoline this weekend, but we were still getting frost almost every night so I told him he could sleep on the couch instead. This then prompted a sleepover for all of the kids as they decided they all wanted to do that! Ciara was so excited, only she had a hard time deciding if she wanted to sleep on the couch or the floor. She did eventually end up on the couch and then about 4:30 AM she came and climbed in my bed.

On Saturday Ky's track team had a fundraiser at the school with a little carnival and a movie. Ciara had more fun then anybody. She loved the little games and got pretty good at throwing darts at balloons. She won several prizes doing it, including these obnoxious lips. She also was able to throw a ball at some stacked cans and knock them down, ate tons of treats, ignored her dinner, decorated a cookie, got a flower on her face, and enjoyed watching the movie.

Brianna & Ky having TOO much fun!!! haha

C's flower and new headband!!!

Thanks Abby for the flower! :)

Ky getting her hair colored!

I also got started on planting my garden yesterday! So far I have the tomatoes, peppers, green onions, raddishes, lettuce, and spinach planted. I still have zucchini, pumpkin, watermelon, canteloupe, and cucumbers to go. Ciara and I also planted some flowers out in our little flower bed in the front yard Thursday and she loves to be able to water them!