Monday, May 30, 2011


Ciara finally got her hard cast on this past Monday. She didn't mind getting it on but the first couple of days was a little irritating to her because she couldn't take it off like we could the other one. Of course she had to have pink!!! It's her favorite color but orange has been creeping in as a favorite the last couple of weeks. Last night she told me that she had to sleep in my bed because she couldn't sleep in hers since it is not orange or pink. It does have orange & pink on it but apparently she thinks it should be all over pink or orange. Lucky for her the back side of the comforter IS solid pink so I turned it over for her. Now she calls her bedroom the "pink room".

She has gathered more signatures for her cast, but this was the first one!

The kids had a pretty boring weekend since I have worked the whole thing. But we managed to make a quick trip to the cemetery on Sunday. And of course it was windy, cold, and soggy!!!
Yet still beautiful :)

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KrisJ said...

Im glad you were able to go visit Aspyn, I love the pin wheel!
What a trooper Ciara!! I love the pink cast!